Zheng He Treasure Ship Online Book

Zheng he treasure ship online book

Zheng He, Chinese Admiral and court eunuch of the Ming era, which run from navigated a total of seven naval expeditions toward the Middle East and East Africa.

Zheng He's Treasure Ships

The ships, which are said to be hundreds in number, were part of the Chinese treasure voyages that aim to safeguard the wealth and power of the Chinese from the world and in the process, firmly put their nation at the top of the maritime industry. For 28 years, He commanded the voyages until his last breath, which is shortly after the seventh and final voyage ended. After his death and the ships returned to the territory, the new emperor of China did not show interest in continuing to fund and operate the government-sponsored treasure voyages.

Hence, the ships were abandoned and later became a mere part of history.

Zheng he treasure ship online book

But in , replicas of the enormous ships were given life as a Treasure Shipyard park was created in Nanjing, China. The park contains smaller vessels, but a full-size model ship can also be found.

The original ships were said to have the capacity of passengers and huge amounts of cargo. It also has four decks and nine masts too!

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The replica measures about But according to reports, the estimated size of the treasure ships are meters in length and 55 meters in width. Other people even claim that some ships boasted a meter length, which is beyond standard measurements. However, critics say that the estimated size of the actual ships cannot reach that long, especially for something that is made out of wood.

Zheng he treasure ship online book

Other ships in history that measured more than meters were said to have suffered from structural dilemmas. In strong and heavy oceans, the ships flexed inducing the long planks to twist and buckle.

Zheng He’s Enormous Treasure Ships

As per historical records, the ships that first measured meters long were the steamers with iron hulls that emerged in the 19th century. The width-length ratio are quite wide, suggesting that the makers wanted the ships to be at its utmost stability.

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The hull was shaped like the letter V, the keel was long and the ballast is notably heavy in weight. The compartments also had watertight seals so that the treasure ships remain strong. Acting like an additional keel, the makers of the treasure ships also built a balanced rudder that can be adjusted to provide further supportive stability. What do you think of this post?

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Zheng He's Floating City: When China Dominated the Oceans

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Zheng he treasure ship online book

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Zheng he treasure ship online book

Photo credit: Vmenkov Wikimedia Commons. Photo credit: udo55 Panoramio. Photo credit: Amusing Planet.

Zheng he treasure ship online book

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The Seven Voyages of the Treasure Fleet

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