Fjelltopp I Norge 1434 Book

Fjelltopp i norge 1434 book

There were, as of May , over , registered Catholics in Norway. However, in early , the Bishop of Oslo was charged with fraud for reporting to the government as many as 65, names of people claimed as members of the church who had not actually signed up. As the government gives a subsidy to religious organizations according to the number of members, the diocese was ordered to repay the government. At least two more are about to come, a fourth one in the city of Oslo St.

Martin and one in Valdres St. Thomas , by now a chapel district , both in the diocese of Oslo. At least one more parish has been planned in Bergen for several years, but the plans remain on hold. The Catholic Church is the second largest religious community in Norway by number of registered members.

Trappistine nuns, likewise, bought land near the ruins of a pre-Reformation monastery on the island of Tautra in the Trondheimsfjord , moved to the site and built a new cloister, workplace, guesthouse and chapel, calling the new monastery Tautra Mariakloster. There used to be several Catholic hospitals and schools around the country.

There was also a Catholic orphanage in Oslo. But, between —89, [ citation needed ] the Socialist government in Norway bought most of the Catholic and other private hospitals by force and condemned the remainder. Almost all the schools were closed due to low enrollment except for some in Oslo, Arendal and Bergen.

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Nowadays, the Catholic welfare institutions in Norway are limited. There are no Catholic hospitals or orphanages remaining, but the number of Catholic schools is increasing.

Fjelltopp i norge 1434 book

Elizabeth's home for elderly in Oslo, until it was completely destroyed by fire in December Fransiskushjelpen St. Francis Aid , a charity established in and run by Franciscans , remains active; [15] Caritas Europa has an office in Oslo. The Catholic Church in Norway is almost as old as the kingdom itself, dating from approximately A.

The country is considered to have officially converted upon the death of the king St.

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Olav at the Battle of Stiklestad in The subsequent Christianisation took several hundred years. Largely the work of Anglo-Saxon missionaries, the Norwegian Church has been considered the only daughter of English Catholicism.

The Lutheran Reformation in Norway lasted from to Catholic Church property and the personal property of Catholic priests were confiscated by the Crown. Catholic priests were exiled and imprisoned unless they submitted to conversion to the Danish king 's faith.

Fjelltopp i norge 1434 book

Bishop Jon Arason of Holar, executed in , was the last Catholic bishop of Iceland until the establishment of the Diocese of Reykjavik in Many traditions from the Catholic Middle Ages continued for centuries more. In the late 18th century and into the 19th century, a strict and puritan interpretation of the Lutheran faith, inspired by the preacher Hans Nielsen Hauge , spread through Norway, and popular religious practices turned more purely Lutheran.

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The Catholic Church per se , however, was not allowed to operate in Norway between and , and throughout most of this period, Catholic priests faced execution. In the late 16th century, a few incidents of crypto -Catholicism occurred within the Lutheran Church of Norway. However, these were isolated incidents. The Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith , on its establishment in , took charge of the vast Northern European missionary field, which — at its third session — it divided among the nuncio of Brussels for the Catholics in Denmark and Norway , the nuncio at Cologne much of Northern Germany and the nuncio to Poland Finland, Mecklenburg, and Sweden.

Christiania Oslo had an illegal but tolerated Catholic congregation in the s.

Fjelltopp i norge 1434 book

In , the Catholic missions in Norway became part of the Apostolic Vicariate of Sweden , seated in the Swedish capital of Stockholm. In , the Norwegian Parliament passed a religious tolerance act providing for limited religious freedom and allowing for legal non-Lutheran public religious services for the first time since the Reformation. On 17 August , the mission became the Apostolic Prefecture of Norway.

In , the constitutional ban on religious orders was lifted, which in time led to the establishment of several communities and monasteries. On 10 April , the Apostolic Vicariate of Norway was divided into three separate Catholic jurisdictions:. In November the well-known Norwegian writer Sigrid Undset was received into the Catholic Church, after thorough instruction from the Catholic priest in her local parish.

She was 42 years old.

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She subsequently became a lay Dominican. It was the culmination of a long process whereby Undset — raised as a nominal Lutheran and for many years an agnostic — had experienced a crisis of faith due to the horrors of the First World War combined with the failure of her marriage. At the time of her move towards Catholicism she also wrote two series of historical novels, Kristin Lavransdatter and The Master of Hestviken , which take place in Medieval times when Norway had been a Catholic country [20] , as well as having studied Old Norse manuscripts and Medieval chronicles and visited and examined Medieval churches and monasteries , both at home and abroad.

In Norway, Undset's conversion to Catholicism was not only considered sensational; it was scandalous. At the time, there were very few practicing Catholics in Norway, which was an almost exclusively Lutheran country.

Anti-Catholicism was widespread not only among the Lutheran clergy, but through large sections of the population.

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Likewise, there was just as much anti-Catholic scorn among the Norwegian intelligentsia , many of whom were adherents of socialism and communism. The attacks against her faith and character were quite vicious at times, with the result that Undset's literary gifts were aroused in response.

For many years, she participated in the public debate, going out of her way to defend the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church remained very much a minority church of a few thousand people up to the decades following World War II.

Fjelltopp i norge 1434 book

However, with increased immigration from the s onwards, the Catholic Church grew quickly: from 6, in to 40, in and to over , in At first, the immigrants came from Germany , the Netherlands , and France. Immigration from Chile , the Philippines , and from a wide range of other countries began in the s.

Catholic Church in Norway

Among the largest groups are Vietnamese and Tamils. This development has further increased after with a high number of economic migrants from Poland and Lithuania. Saint Olaf 's Cathedral, Oslo. Saint Paul 's Church, Bergen. Our Lady's Church , Porsgrunn. Hallvard's Church and Monastery , Oslo.

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Saint Ansgar's Church , Kristiansand. Saint Svithun's Church , Stavanger. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Fjelltopp i norge 1434 book

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This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Saint Peter's Church, Halden. Santa Bridget's Church, Fredrikstad. Saint Lawrence's Church, Drammen. Saint John the Baptist's Church, Sandefjord. Saint John the Evangelist's Church, Oslo. Saint Francis Xavier's Church, Arendal.


Saint Thorfinn's Church, Hamar. Saint Joseph's Church, Haugesund. Saint Michael's Church, Moss. Saint Gudmund's Church, Jessheim.

Saint Olaf's Cathedral, Trondheim. Diocese of Oslo. Retrieved 24 August Retrieved 4 July Per 1 January". Statistics Norway. Government of Norway.

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Retrieved 18 July Munkeby Herberge. Store norske leksikon. Eystein skole" in Norwegian. Aftenposten in Norwegian. Retrieved