Wd Smartware Pro Pdf Editor

Wd smartware pro pdf editor

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Western Digital. Your files are more than just files. They are irreplaceable pieces of your digital life.

But, if your computer crashes or your laptop is stolen or any other system error occurs, you could lose it all. But if you back up your files regularly, you can rest assured that your digital life is securely stored on your external drive.

Wd smartware pro pdf editor

WD SmartWare Pro backup software makes it easy. If your files are backed up and you happen to lose an important file or delete it by accident, you can relax because you have a duplicate copy saved.

Click the launcher app on the drive, download your free trial and start protecting your files today.

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When the trial period ends, you have the option of purchasing a full license version of the software. You can purchase a license that allows you to backup from 1 — 3 computers or purchase the premium license for use on up to 10 computers. WD SmartWare Pro automatic backup software helps protect your files from loss. With the option of automatic and continuous backup or scheduled backup, you are in control.

Choose the backup schedule that works best for you.

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Scheduled backup allows you to pick the frequency and even the day and time that WD SmartWare Pro will back up your files. Automatic, continuous backup works quietly in the background so that whenever you add a file, change and save a file or add pictures, videos and more, WD SmartWare Pro automatically makes a duplicate copy.

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And you can back up the files in your Dropbox to your local WD external hard drive or other hard drive. Cloud backup allows you to have access to duplicate copies of your files from any Internet-enabled computer.

Wd smartware pro pdf editor

Cloud services may be changed, terminated or interrupted at any time and may vary by country. What is backup?

Wd smartware pro pdf editor

Free trial version. Cloud backup for extra protection.