Taming The Monkey Mind Pdf Creator

Taming the monkey mind pdf creator

Zen Buddhists refer to the constant chatter of the mind as monkey mind. The Buddha held that the human mind is filled with drunken monkeys flinging themselves from tree branches, jumping around, and chattering nonstop.

Understanding the Monkey Mind & How to Live in Harmony with Your Mental Companion

He meant that our minds are in constant motion. Typical mind chatter sounds like the following:. In addition, all that negativity affects our mood—making us unhappy, angry, restless, and anxious; it hampers our ability to concentrate; it has a negative impact on our behavior; and it interferes with our ability to have positive interactions with others.

The good news is that there are ways to get the monkey mind to calm down. You rule your thoughts. Talk to Your Monkey Mind.

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When your monkey mind is in full swing, calm it down by having a conversation with it. Stop for a moment and listen to what your monkey mind is saying. Why is it upset?

Taming the monkey mind pdf creator

Then, do the following:. Sometimes your monkey mind just needs to be heard.

Taming the monkey mind pdf creator

Establish a Journaling Practice. Do the following:.

Taming the monkey mind pdf creator

Then, keep your word. If your monkey mind starts screeching at any other time of the day, refuse to place your attention on whatever thoughts the monkey mind is generating.

Going Ape!

Meditating is the most effective technique you can use to calm your monkey mind. Practice the A-B-C Technique. The A-B-C technique can help you deal with the disparity between what your monkey mind thinks should be happening, and what is actually happening. The key to taming the monkey mind by applying the A-B-C technique is to question the beliefs that the monkey mind is relying on in order to reach the conclusions that its communicating to you.

Taming the monkey mind pdf creator

Here are three examples of questioning your beliefs:. If you reject the beliefs that your monkey mind is relying on to justify its temper tantrum, the monkey mind will no longer have a place to hang its hat on.

And it will have no choice but to quiet down. Stop Assigning Meaning. Skip the step in which your monkey mind jumps in and starts judging, critiquing, and assigning meaning.

Taming the monkey mind pdf creator

Recite a Mantra. Interrupt your monkey mind mid-sentence and distract it by reciting a mantra. When you recite a mantra you draw in your scattered attention and focus it on a word, phrase, or sound.

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The more senses you can stimulate, the easier it will be to distract your monkey mind. Play a Game of Fives.

Taming the Monkey Mind

You can get the tribe of monkeys in your mind to quiet down by bringing your mind back to the present. One way to bring your mind back to the present is by playing the Game of Fives. Pause your train of thought and notice five things in your environment. It can be five things you see, hear, or smell. Then, fully experience the sight, sound, or smell. The moment in which you do this all of your attention will be placed on the present moment, and your monkey mind will be silenced.

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Engage Your Mind. Perhaps you were so involved in a book, or in a movie, or in your writing, that the monkey mind went silent. You just experienced directly what was going on, without your mind chatter giving you a running commentary of events, as they occurred. This is because one way to silence your monkey mind is by engaging your mind. Try Piko-Piko Breathing.

Causes of the Monkey Mind

Piko-Piko breathing is one of the basic practices of the ancient Hawaiian Huna philosophy. The technique involves doing the following:. The act of breathing deeply, centering the attention on one spot, and then automatically moving the attention to another spot will help you to calm your restless mind. Although calming your mind will take some practice, it can be done.

The 10 strategies and techniques explained above are a great place to start. Live your best life by taming your monkey mind.

Taming The Monkey Mind

Did you enjoy this article? Previous post: How to Be Well Read. Marelisa Fabrega is a lawyer and entrepreneur. You can learn more about her here. Recent Posts. This site rocks the Classic Responsive Skin for Thesis. Typical mind chatter sounds like the following: Your mind reading off a laundry list of to-do items. Your mind listing its fears, both real and imaginary.

14 Tips to Tame Your Monkey Mind & Calm Your Thinking

Your mind recalling hurtful things that have happened in the past. Your mind judging the present. Taming your monkey mind will do all of the following for you: It will give you clarity of mind. It will allow you to focus on the present and on the task at hand. It will improve the quality of your sleep.

It will increase your sense of calm and of well-being. It will make you happier. Then, do the following: Is your monkey mind trying to remind you of something that needs to be done? Is your monkey mind anxious about something in the future?

How to train your monkey mind.

Reassure your monkey mind that everything is going to be fine. Conduct a worst-case scenario with your monkey mind, and come up with a contingency plan.

Taming the monkey mind pdf creator

Is your monkey mind voicing resentment over something that happened in the past? Realize that you need to create an action plan for dealing with your past so that your monkey mind stops bringing it up. That is, something happens. Here are three examples of questioning your beliefs: Are people really obligated to act at all times in the way in which I want them to act? Is it realistic to believe that things must always go my way? Is it true that I have to perform well all the time?

So, what to Do?

The technique involves doing the following: Breathe in deeply. As you inhale, place your attention on the crown of your head. As you exhale, center your attention on your navel. Keep breathing in and out as you switch your attention from the crown of your head to your navel.

10 Ways to Tame Your Monkey Mind and Stop Mental Chatter

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