Radio Wave Communication Pdf Files

Radio wave communication pdf files

Radio wave communication pdf files

See more packs by klankbeeld. The local dialect I used. USB 20M band.

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Recorded: June 9th Ham radio competition. Crazy radio signal on amateur radio band. Sounds like wind in microphone.

Radio wave communication pdf files

English with Dutch accent. Amateurs can send Ham radio amateurs.

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Weak signal with much statics. From July 26th , 5.

Radio wave communication pdf files

Broadcast was July 10th , 7. Crazy radio signal on ham radio on 20m amateur radio band. Sounds like fun, almost as much fun as watching Radio communication between two Dutch tugboats working at the beach of island Texel in the Netherlands. A ship has to Radio communication between harbour control Ymuiden and tall-ships and all others.

The have to enter the sea-locks This is the Dutch ham radio.

Several radio amateurs make a group on the kHz frequency. It is the 20 meter band. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. By browsing our site you agree to our use of cookies.

Radio wave communication pdf files

For more information check out our cookies policy. Register Log In. Pack: radio communication by klankbeeld Pack info None Pack created on: Sept. Number of sounds: 21 Number of downloads: Dutch 2m HAM amateurs June 9 Dutch 2m HAM amateurs Ju HAM radio competition kHz HAM radio competition Strange rhythmic radio signal.

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France radio air traffic. France radio air traffic HAM repeater UK 3cm Weak ham radio kHz Weak ham radio kHz RAF Volmet SSB bulletin station weather radio meteo aircraft volmet broadcast weather-forecast interference static meteorological aeronautical advisory flight noise shortwave weather-report raf. Ham Radio Chesapeake Ver Military flight radio NA North-Sea scanner radio-telephone sluice HF talking ship-to-ship work-boat Netherlands Holland tugboats coast radio-communications VHF-phone marine tugboat marine-telphone marifoon shipping radiophone radiotelepfone ship-to-shore trs voice talk mobile-radio-telephone.

Sail Amsterdam Radio Tra Dutch radio amteurs NL. Geotags in this pack.

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