Pdf Broken Link Checker Xenu

Pdf broken link checker xenu

There are literally a bazillion SEO tools on the internet literally! Many people in the SEO industry are already aware of this tool but many people I've spoken to only treat the tool as a broken link finder.

Pdf broken link checker xenu

It's so much more than that. This post is aimed at those who haven't heard of it before and those who do use it regularly - there are lots of nifty features that solve all kinds of SEO-problems and hopefully beginners and advanced alike will learn something from this post. What is Xenu? It's a lightweight download and I've never had issues with it crashing or hanging. In a nutshell it's a site crawler and once you point it at a URL it will crawl around the site and spit out a report at the end.

It's main focus and branding is all about finding broken links on your site so where you link internally to a error but I've found that I use it to solve a whole host of different SEO-related issues which I will explain below. Problem - How do I find broken links on my site?

Pdf broken link checker xenu

This is the most basic use of Xenu in my opinion, but also the most common use. Simply point the program at the homepage of your site, check 'skip external' to avoid it crawling the entire web, and set it going!

Click here to view a sample report provided by Xenu for the Distilled site note that this is a sample report only, not run across the whole site.

How to Find Broken Links with Xenu

You can see that there is a handy section which reports any broken links that it finds, though in this case I've chosen a rather poor example since there are no broken links on the homepage of Distilled :- Problem - How do I get a crawl of my site into microsoft Excel? The answer to this one, as you may have guessed is also Xenu! Simply choose the following menu option once the report is run:.

Then, when you run the report and export to excel redirects will no longer get the status code but will get the true status code, be it or !

Publisher's Description

Problem - How do I check the indexing of a test version of my site? Xenu of course! If your test version lies at a public URL such as testsite. However, if that's not an option then you can even run Xenu off a local HTML file which is pretty nifty:. Although there are many many ways of generating an XML sitemap for your site, Xenu does this in a quite nice if not particularly customisable way.

This is perfect for small site owners with limited technical knowledge I think:. Problem - How do I find images missing alt text? If only Xenu would do such a thing Wait, it does!

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Simply filter your excel download to image files, then the "Title" column is the alt text of the image:. Well that's just a few of the many many applications of the Xenu tool - hopefully it's inspired you to go out and give it a try - I know I use it a lot for all kinds of things. I mean, once you get your data into Excel the world is literally your oyster. Mmmmmm data oysters. But wait! I asked him if he had any killer tips and here's his killer tip.

Try crawling dmoz. As a side note: If you are crawling external resources, try to be a good citizen and crawl slowly. Set your maximum threads to a very low level, so as not to get your IP banned by your target host.


Thanks Rich! Great tips. Let's get link sleuthing! Hundreds of people have already ordered and supplies are limited, so take advantage while the price is low, and this limited-edition set is still available.

Pdf broken link checker xenu

Fiercely curious about life and passionate about learning new things. Or is it? Same here Check out Integrity for Mac, very similar set up, maybe lacking one or two of the features but a very useful tool nethertheless. When will Part 2 be available? Oops, just realized maybe didn't link part-1 to part It seems that you've linked back to part 1 again in the "related articles" section of the post and the same with page 2 links to itself.

Yeah, not sure why we have the blog configured or mis-configured that way, but those two links will get to the two blog posts.

10 BEST Broken Link Checker Tools to Check Your Entire Website

I've been using Xenu for years, strictly as a broken link checker. I was not aware it could do so much else. Thanks for all the great tips - especially the image alt text checker.

I'll be making use of that one right away. Thanks in advance.

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If this doesn't prove the value of Q and A and archives -- nothing will. Xenu is awesome. This is crazy! Your post is much better than mine would have been though.

How to Check For Broken Links On Your Site Using Xenu Link Sleuth

I love what you have done with pulling the data into excel for site architecture analysis. I hadn't thought of that. I must shamefully admit that I hadn't considered several of the Xenu uses you've highlighted here.

Good stuff. If you pull down the data into excel, you can do a quick audit for inconsistent internal links. Think URL's with no trailing slash, capitalisation, you know - canonicalisation issues you could do without in the site architecture.

They'll be flagged by either: dupe title tags or errors if you select show redirects as errors a la Tom's advice. There are a few alternatives to Xenu, but they're not always free - and what always brings me back to Xenu is the fact that it's updated really rather regulary. In fact - any list of URLs can be crawled, and if you set crawl depth to "0" in the options panel, the crawler won't go silly and start crawling all of the other links it finds.

Good addition Rich, thanks for mentioning the list of URLs tip - I'd meant to include that in my post but completely forgot! I'd agree about it being regularly updated - until recently I had an old version and it didn't include all the funky stuff that the latest one does. I've been using Xenu for years but never new it had a Google Sitemap export feature! Thank you! Tilman makes periodic updates, so it is worth checking back every so often to get the latest version.

Doesn't tend to change much visually, so even when you do update, you have to peak around to see what has been added and scour the update notes.

Any time you can get stuff into Excel, I think it opens up cool opportunities. I like reports from analytics to look for duplicate content as well.

Check Broken Links in Website using Xenu

Data-driven site reviews FTW. I have been using the xenu's link sleuth tools for years and I find it very useful. Apart from finding the broken links, which it is commonly known for, they are also useful in finding the duplicate content problems within the site. It also helps in finding ways to optimize the page load time. Thanks for this post, Xenu has in a short periode of time become one of the most popular tools at the office.

Thanks for this great post.

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The site architecture function is pretty awesome I've been using Xenu primarily for finding broken links and spam comments in blogs but this will help with finding areas in my sites lacking flat architecture This is a one of the most powerful tools I've found. Now I can spend the next month fixing all of the errors it exposed. I downloaded this tool and helps me check loads of links. The only concern I have is despite I check the option to 'exclude external URLs' , it does load the external url's.

If I have uploaded a file containing links, it gets all the links present in that page and adds to the list of the URLs. Is there a way where I can block these URLs from loading and just check the status of the list of the links that I uploaded for verification. Really glad I found this post.

Using Xenu Link Sleuth to find broken web links

Had no idea that Xenu had so many uses. Thanks for sharing, Tom!

Pdf broken link checker xenu

Just now I have started using Xenu but I am really thankful to you for this wonderful information. Before coming here I didn't know how to us that.

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I have to confess that despite using Xenu for some time, I'd never checked the 'external URLs' option and that information is so useful so thank you Richard for your contribution to the post. Hello to all. I have a problem: I can not export to excel ilreport. Can you tell me how? Thanks for the help Ciaoo! I made searching with xenu , it found all broken links , but after that i press yes and i put my fttp details and pasword , what i did with that?

I put something in my hosting folders? Having been in SEO since, gulp, 95', it's fun to see people talking about what used to be one of my secret weapons "back in the day"