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Online database library pdf books

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The book does not cover relational algebra, which provides an important foundation for relational model mechanisms. From my personal experience teaching databases, discussing relational algebra makes it easier for students to later grasp SQL From my personal experience teaching databases, discussing relational algebra makes it easier for students to later grasp SQL joins. The book is error-free but some exercises are Microsoft biased e.

This problem can be easily modified by providing an. The book should have a chapter on NoSQL to make it more up-to-date with current trends in databases. Sometimes the book feels a bit "too dry" and this might negatively impact a student's motivation when reading it.

I felt that the text was written in such a way that could be easily broken out and adapted to the course that I teach. Chapter 14 Database Users does not have enough content to justify having it as a stand alone chapter. I suggest merging it with another chapter, perhaps with Chapter 13 that talks about software engineering in the context of database systems.

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I think the authors did a decent job. The text is clear and covers a fair amount of most of the topics commonly listed in introductory database systems courses in CS.

I hope the authors continue to add more content, improvements and updates. I will recommend this book to both my colleagues and students and can't wait for the next edition.

Online database library pdf books

Content walks through the various pieces to build understanding. All components are there for relational database design. The content is up to date.

Suggestion - the text focus is on designing for operational data. Add a chapter to describe data warehousing and data storage with large volume of data. I am very impressed with the presentation of the concepts. I like that all of the examples of the concepts. I like the assignments and keywords too.

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Data modeling is presented in the appropriate sequence. Each section is either independent on includes information presented in an earlier section. I really liked this text. I plan on incorporating it into one of my classes. I will have to supplement a bit to discuss data design for analysis that is fed from a operational database.

But, that just is the nature of the course that I teach.

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I appreciate the effort that went into this book. I sincerely thank the authors for sharing. While the book at least mentions all of the key terms, it is not clear that these concepts are covered in sufficient depth to really serve as a practical guide for new practitioners. More explanation follows. I didn't spot any glaring inaccuracies in the book.

However, because it was so short, I worry that there was not enough context provided or depth of explanation so that beginners in this field would be able to follow it with any degree of confidence. The pace of development is so fast these days, students need to be as self-sufficient in their learning as possible, and I'm not sure that is practical with this text. It is not clear that the authors have spent much time doing database development in the last ten years. Their suggested development methodology based on the waterfall model is all but obsolete.

Over time, it has proven to be both inflexible and a bottleneck that delays the efforts of other developers working on a project.

Their coverage in some chapters is oddly platform-specific.

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For example, the data types they introduce in detail in chapter 15 SQL Structured Query Language do not apply to all or perhaps even most DBMS, and the differences between DBMS implementations are likely to cause major difficulties if students were to try to apply these concepts in a context where they don't apply. SQLite, for example, only has about native data types and it is one of the most commonly used environments these days due to its small size, portability, and the fact that it is built-in to browsers and mobile devices.

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As explained above in the "Accuracy" section, I worry that the explanations of key concepts were too short, not well organized, and therefore are likely to be unclear to beginners in this field. Most of the time the book stays at a very high level, but on occasion, and without warning it jumps into great depth.

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For example, chapter 11 functional dependencies takes a sudden and deep dive into the subject of set theory and related axioms. This is not consistent in tone or apparent level of understanding of the reader.

Online database library pdf books

This would be quite jarring from the perspective of a student. Although the chapter titles suggest modularity, I didn't feel there was a great deal of discipline in terms of where content was placed.

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I think students being introduced to the concepts here would be very confused by this. I found the organization somewhat confusing. For example, both chapters 10 and 11 begin by introducing the concept of functional dependency.

I would have expected the concept to be fully defined and explained in one chapter or the other, not both, or at the very least make it clear that the concept is broken up into multiple chapters.

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Some topics seemed to appear out of the blue in the middle of some chapters without warning. Chapters were inconsistent in terms of their length and the depth and care with which they treated a subject. For example, chapter 14 Database Users was extremely short, and could have been covered perhaps was? In general, navigating through the book was straightforward. However, many of the images were very small and of poor resolution. Furthermore, if you click on many of the images they are linked to different, unrelated images rather than larger, clearer versions of the same image.

This book is not offensive, at all. However, it utterly fails to address the cultural contexts of data within organizations and society. Beginners to database design frequently fail to understand the impact that database structure can have on the structure and function of an organization.

Sometimes organizations find themselves having to adapt to their data structures rather than the other way around.

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A good modern example is the concept of gender. It is now generally recognized that gender is a non-binary facet of identity. The traditional failure of the software community to consider, let alone address, issues like this is replete through the industry. Discussions of the ethical and sociocultural ramifications of data are completely absent from this text.

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While technically fairly accurate, this book falls short in some important dimensions of relevance and cultural sensitivity. I think the treatment of the subjects is uneven, redundant in some places, very high level in others, and of more depth than necessary in yet others. I would not feel comfortable using this book to teach introductory students. The texts covers all the topics required for an introduction to data base management course.

The book is accurate and follows the conventions used in other popular references in the data base management system field. The book is very relevant to the content covered in an introductory database management system courses.

The book text clear. The figures resolution is not excellent but readable. The naming of the attributes for some relations in the relational model chapter is not very descriptive in some cases. The exercises are limited in some chapters. The text is easy to read and easy to divide in smaller sections that can be assigned within the course.

The flow of the book is very good and follows the state of the art for other very well know references in the same field. Better to add some more brief introduction on non-traditional databases and maybe some compact comparison table as well. The figures and the tables are clear. Some itemized list may extend with longer explanations. Chapter 3 may be improved by putting some sections as sub-sections under other sections. Chapter 4 may explain the Physical Data Models as well.

Online database library pdf books

On relational model, the Primary Keys should be highlighted, e. The whole book should be standardized with one ERD format.

Online database library pdf books

The early chapter uses the Chen's notation. The key chapter uses and explains the Crow's Feet notation. The appendix uses the UML. The content includes all key components and topics about traditional database management systems. It give a sound history and need for database without picking one other the other.

It also comes in several formats from pdf to Kindle and etc. It provide a clear and unbiased history of data effort and societal engagement with data. It give a It give a good scope of data base design. It does not include any open source database topics like Hadoop or MongoDB or their influx on the database market, learning or industry. Such would have to be supplemented materials.

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It accuracy is very good and it admits is covers most topics in databases. It's a great intro to databases book. For a free book it is awesome.