Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service Pdf

Multichannel multipoint distribution service pdf

Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service MMDS , formerly known as Broadband Radio Service BRS and also known as Wireless Cable , is a wireless telecommunications technology, used for general-purpose broadband networking or, more commonly, as an alternative method of cable television programming reception.

It is most commonly used in sparsely populated rural areas, where laying cables is not economically viable, although some companies have also offered MMDS services in urban areas, most notably in Ireland , until they were phased out in The BRS band uses microwave frequencies from 2.

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Reception of BRS-delivered television and data signals is done with a rooftop microwave antenna. The antenna is attached to a down-converter or transceiver to receive and transmit the microwave signal and convert them to frequencies compatible with standard TV tuners much like on satellite dishes where the signals are converted down to frequencies more compatible with standard TV coaxial cabling , some antennas use an integrated down-converter or transceiver.

Digital TV channels can then be decoded with a standard cable set-top box or directly for TVs with integrated digital tuners. The concept was to allow entities to own several channels and multiplex several television, radio, and later Internet data onto each channel using digital technology.

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Just like with Digital Cable channels, each channel is capable of The key-management protocol uses X. MMDS may be obsoleted by the newer All three phrases refer to the same technology. In certain areas, BRS is being deployed for use as wireless high-speed Internet access , mostly in rural areas where other types of high-speed internet are either unavailable such as cable or DSL or prohibitively expensive such as satellite internet.

Multichannel multipoint distribution service pdf

In the early days of MMDS, it was known as "Wireless Cable" and was used in a variety of investment scams that still surface today. In Mexico, the 2.

Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service (MMDS)

The existing licences were to expire 18 April but Comreg, the Irish communications regulator, extended the licences for a further 2 years to 18 April at which date they expired together with all associated spectrum rights of use. The 2.

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As a result, holders of the new rights of use may choose to provide any service capable of being delivered using 2. For instance, they could distribute television programming content, subject to complying with the relevant technical conditions and with any necessary broadcasting content authorisations, or they could adopt some other use. Analogue MMDS broadcasting began in , moving to digital in The national shutdown was planned to be finished at the end of ; as of , the service had already been shutdown in most cities.

Multichannel multipoint distribution service pdf

In the Dominican Republic , Wind Telecom started operations using MMDS technology in ; at that time and ever since it became a pioneer taking advantage of such implementations. The company uses the DVB standard for its digital television transmissions.

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Multichannel multipoint distribution service pdf

This article is about analogue terrestrial method of delivering multiple broadcast channels to consumers. For the multichannel television service in general, see Multichannel television. For other uses, see Multichannel.

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For the medical data system, see Mortality Medical Data System. For modern massive data sets, see big data.

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Multichannel multipoint distribution service pdf

Amateur television Terrestrial television Digital Mobile television Satellite television Visual sensor network.

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