Mind Hacks Tips And Tricks Pdf To Word

Mind hacks tips and tricks pdf to word

Instead of suffering through long, dull meetings with your supervisors and coworkers, you can turn those office table sessions into your very own psychological experiment. The end of a weekend can be depressing knowing just how bad Monday morning will be when you get back to work, but that feeling is tenfold when coming back from a lengthy vacation with zero work responsibilities.

The start of a new year is generally thought of as a chance to start over, a time to improve or "fix" things in your life.

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Yet most people who set stringent New Year's resolutions find themselves failing within weeks—or even days—of setting their lofty goals. Sooner or later, you're going to come across a person at work that you don't like—or someone that doesn't like you. This can result in uncomfortable tension, insulting gossip, and a disrespectful attitude, to name just a few of the negatives. But it doesn't have to be that way.

The next time you're having a workplace conflict with a particularly challenging coworker, the best thing you can do is keep your mouth shut, and here's how to do it. Nice people finish first—or is it last?

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Though you may have been told throughout your life that being kind pays off, there are some obvious advantages to getting mean. So whether you're driving towards a goal at work, or need to attack a task in your personal life, acting like a jerk just might help you get what you want. Your brain holds a lot of precious information and is capable of great feats.

However, there's one quality that doesn't lie among its strengths—memory security. Yes, that's right, your brain can be hacked, and it doesn't take a psychologist to do it. Anyone with the right know-how can change your memories for their own personal benefit, and you can do so to others, too. What's your top pet peeve? Open-mouthed chewing? Nail biting and knuckle cracking? The sound of silverware scraping? Or perhaps it's a bigger behavior, like leaving the toilet seat up?

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When it's time to get down to work, a clean, organized workstation is key to accomplishing tasks and being more productive. Or, so we thought. Pain is, for the most part, unavoidable when you stub your toe, break your arm, or cut your finger open.

It's instantaneous and, in some cases, long-lasting, but it only feels as bad as you want it to.

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Yes, that's right—that pain is all in your head. There are many hacks for increasing productivity, but so many depend on tricking your own mind or behavior. When it comes to motivation in the workplace, though, sometimes the space within which you work dictates how you behave and the work you produce.

So if you want to increase your ability to get more done in a single workday while doing a better job, consider changing your surroundings in the following ways. It's no secret that exercise is good for you, but you may be surprised to know that a good workout can actually boost your memory, too.

Mind hacks tips and tricks pdf to word

They key to giving your body and your brain muscles a good workout is by adding more weight and pushing hard for an extra 20 minutes. From day to day, it can be difficult to remember everything that's required of you. I tend to forget exactly where it is I'm supposed to be during my busiest moments, and it's even easier to delete each day's events out of your brain when there's so much else that dominates your mind.

Yet taking the time to remember exactly what it is that happens during each of our days can be a vital part of our memory—and with nothing more than 15 minutes, we can strengthen our brains and remember more tha Who doesn't experience food cravings?

Whether you're trying to adhere to a strict diet, or simply hoping to avoid sugary, fatty foods, curbing cravings can feel like a monumental task. From our work life to our home life, we have an awful lot of projects, tasks, and activities that require more productivity than play.

Mind hacks tips and tricks pdf to word

After working for an entire day in the office, no one wants to face even more that needs to be done at home. The right music can spur you to pick up the pace during an intense workout, pep you up before you hit the treadmill or walking path, and even encourage you to lift for just a few extra reps.

Although we all have our favorite workout playlists, scientists have discovered what it is, exactly, that makes you workout harder when certain songs begin. Like most people, you probably use hand gestures when you talk, whether you wave your hands excitedly when discussing the latest episode of Game of Thrones or smack the back of your hand as you rattle off points during an argument.

As your speech teacher probably told you, gesturing while talking is a great reinforcement tool—when used appropriately, of course.

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From laptops to tablets, technology is taking over classrooms. Elementary schools offer kids tablets, and college students are bringing laptops into lecture halls, leaving their notebooks behind.

Today, many students prefer putting their fingers to a keyboard rather than pen to paper, but are these helpful devices truly beneficial? There are a number of ways to give your productivity a kicktstart, from taking a break from your distracting smartphone to just taking a break, plain and simple. Yet finding the motivation to start working doesn't require any effort at all—just a little bit of green.

Mind hacks tips and tricks pdf to word

If you're feeling stressed, there are many home remedies you could use for relief. Meditation, yoga, acupressure, an ear massage, more sleep, shower soothers, playing video games… the list is endless. But a lot of these methods require a significant amount of time, so what do you do when you need immediate stress relief? My morning just doesn't start without a cup of coffee and an incredibly hot shower.

There's nothing better than sloughing off sleep with a dose of warm, cleansing water. Except, as scientists are pointing out, our habit of showering daily isn't exactly the healthiest choice. Though it feels great, if you have a shower-a-day habit like I do, you're showering all wrong.

Mind Hacks: Tips & Tricks for Using Your Brain

It can be pretty tough to fall asleep when your brain is thinking nonstop or anxiety has gotten the best of you, and it seems to only get harder when you're lying in bed listening to yourself breathe. Yet paying attention to that breathing may be exactly what you need in order to find a calm, easy entry into a good night's rest.

No one ever wants to experience pain, whether it's as small as a stubbed toe or as great as recovering from surgery. Yet so much of our lives causes pain, lasting or brief in its form.


With a few mental tricks and unusual home remedies, you can relieve some of the most common aches and ailments that arise painlessly. The gag reflex: it can interfere while in the dentist's chair, upon seeing another person throw up, or even just getting a whiff of a disgusting, stomach-twisting scent. Every time this reflex kicks in, it stops us immediately, inducing a choking, gagging, coughing fit.

It's 3 a. How can you possibly slip back into sleep and snag a few more hours of rest when you're so anxious? Job interview success can be a difficult thing to measure. Is confidence a job-winning trait?

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Or were the interviewer's questions not answered as fully as they had hoped? Maybe you weren't sure how your big, happy smile went over with such a formal setting. Eye contact is key in conversations, job interviews, and honesty, and it can help you access others' thoughts and spot heavy drinkers. Locking eyes with someone can even help you fall in love, whether you know them or not. We've all been there: facing a lengthy, complex word that ignores the phonics we were taught in elementary school, unsure of not only its pronunciation, but also its meaning.

These words, from autochthonous to esquamulose, are both terrifying and impressive. After all, if someone knows how to use them—and even say them—they must be quite smart. Yet before you begin stuffing every email and presentation with verbose prose, you might want to reconsider what others perceive to be intelligent.

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Willpower is a pretty significant word. It's the difference between sticking with a clean eating diet and diving face-first into a plate of brownies. It's what drags you out of bed on Monday mornings and into work rather than letting you stay snuggled under the covers asleep. And, most importantly, it's the kick in the butt we all require to both accomplish goals and make changes.

Are you a lawyer who's married to a computer programmer? Chances are you might not have even dated if you first met online. When you're expecting an important call or text, it's pretty annoying to hear or feel your phone go off just to find out it was your reminders app telling you that you need to buy more contact lenses.

Not quite as annoying as phantom phone vibrations, but it's up there. We all know that opening our work emails at home is a bad habit. Yet reading and responding to emails every time your iPhone dings is worse than you might realize. Not only are you extending the workday, but you are also sacrificing your ability to perform on a daily basis.

What type of person are you in group settings? Are you the social butterfly, eager to get to know everyone and interested in the people more than the setting? Or are you a wallflower, afraid to catch anyone's eye out of fear? There's perhaps no statement more classic and more annoying than the "but" sentence.

We've all heard it before: "I love you, but We've all heard the cliches: always look at the glass as half full; a smile can change your entire day; and there's always a silver lining.

Essay writing is the bane of most students' educational existence. Whether you're a college student tired of slaving away over plus page research papers or a high school student just trying to get through AP Language, chances are you'd love to find a way to cut down on all the writing.

Before you spend hours googling facts and figures to cram into your next paper, work smarter by cutting down on content.

Mind hacks tips and tricks pdf to word

There's nothing more jarring than the sound of your morning alarm. Even hearing it on others' phones, hours after your own abrupt wakeup, can cause you to flinch in fear. Though we depend on that shrill sound to get up each morning, it's actually better to wake up naturally—so don't even think about hitting that snooze button.

Shopping: you either love it or hate it. With a tight budget, shopping can become a huge headache for even the biggest shopaholic. We've all been there, and we've all given in to our impulses and bought something we probably shouldn't have. Yet strolling through the mall doesn't have to require a strong will to keep your credit card from entering a downward spiral.