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The shoulder dystocia SD is a major cause of obstetric trauma with implications in clinical maternal, perinatal, and medico legal. It occurs by the detention of internal rotation of the shoulders usually associated with a retention shoulder under the symphysis pubis, which prevents the release of the fetal body.

Maternal endogenous forces like contractions and maternal pushing, produce more pressure and therefore more chance of damage that forces applied by the operator exogenous force to solve the problem so that should be made the maneuvers tending to mobilize the shoulder on the pubis, to continue with uterine contractions and maternal pushing. The position of MR does not increase the size of the maternal pelvis, only modifies the morphology, and the combination with suprapubic compression correspond to the initial management of shoulder dystocia whole.

Unlike lithotomy been shown to reduce twice the compression force on the shoulder over the maternal pubis, promoting the displacement of the shoulder through the pubis and the subsequent detachment of the fetal head, thus explain the potential of the MR for preventing possible SD. In the prevention of the SD, the use of MR position during the release of the fetus, presents biomechanical plausibility and might even reduce other injuries not associated to SD, as clavicle fracture and brachial paralysis.

In consideration to clinical implications, ethical and medico-legal, we recommend the informed consent to define the final position in the maternal childbirth assistance. Pelvis materna e historia de la distocia de hombros.

El problema de la distocia de hombro se ha reconocido desde hace mucho tiempo. El cuero cabelludo se desliza hacia fuera con reticencia.

Maniobra de gaskin pdf viewer

Cuando la frente ha aparecido es necesario presionar el perineo para la salida de la cara. Finalmente las mejillas, que se ven voluminosas.

Maniobra de gaskin pdf viewer

La alarma aumenta. Finalizaron dicho estudio 55 del grupo experimental y 73 del grupo control, con tiempos para desprendimiento cabeza y cuerpo fetal no significativos.

No hubo diferencias para las tasas de ingreso a cuidados intensivos entre ambos grupos. A randomized controlled trial of prophylactic maneuvers to reduce head-to-body delivery time in patients at risk for shoulder dystocia.

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Distocia de hombros Gn

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Maniobra de gaskin pdf viewer

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An alternate maneuver for management of shoulder dystocia.

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Maniobra de gaskin pdf viewer

Santiago Oriente Dr. Summary The shoulder dystocia SD is a major cause of obstetric trauma with implications in clinical maternal, perinatal, and medico legal.