Justyna Bargielska Pdf To Word

Justyna bargielska pdf to word

Those who struggle to speak out for human rights whose voices are stifled: the human rights activists, the bloggers, the writers, the poets, the journalists, the people…. Malak Soufi is a poet and journalist. At the opening of the International Festival of Poetry in Havana, Cuba in , she appealed to all present to oppose violence in Syria through the power of poetry.

Justyna bargielska pdf to word

She is editor of two anthologies Mother and Salt Boundaries: poetry by refugees on Lesbos. Greta Sykes is a poet, writer, artist and activist who spent her childhood and youth in the fire bombed town of Hamburg after the Second World War.

Her own poetry collection is Die Gaia Kollection and her first novel Under Charred Skies covers the catastrophe of destruction during the Nazi era.

She is a chartered psychologist and university tutor.

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Shie Raouf is from the city of Slemani in Kurdistan. She is a powerful performance poet based in London. Hussameddin Mohammad is an author, editor and translator of a selection of creative, political and autobiographical books including: Poisoned Kohl Poetry and short stories , Introducing Slafoj Zizik translation , Country of Words translation and editing , A History of Injustice in the Arab World editing.

Edin Suljic grew up in the multicultural, multinational society of former Yugoslavia where he studied and worked in engineering and theatre. He moved to the UK at the onset of the Yugoslavian war.

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His creative output includes writing for and producing collaborative theatrical work, poetry, short stories and essays as well as photography and short films. Nada Menzalji is a Syrian poet and author.

Justyna bargielska pdf to word

She studied at the University of Latakia, her hometown, but left Syria to live in exile in London since , where she works as journalist. She is member of the Union of Free Syrian Writers.

She has performed her work internationally. Ghias Al Jundi was a journalist in Syria but was threatened by the regime because of his writing and involvement in human rights activism. He was tortured during five years as a political prisoner and fled to the UK in He himself has recently rescued refugees in Greece. While also writing poetry, he is a human rights advocate currently based in London.

Justyna bargielska pdf to word

If payment is a problem for asylum seekers, no problem: contact exiledwritersink gmail. Offered by Catherine Temma Davidson , poet and experienced tutor. Catherine Temma Davidson is a published poet, novelist and essayist who has won numerous awards for her work.

She teaches at Regents University and has run writing workshops throughout the UK. She is on the board of Exiled Writers Ink.

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Read the poems of writers from around the world, and respond to a poetry point and writing exercise inspired by the reading. Free for members of Exiled Writers Ink. In coordination with Amnesty International.

Her plight became the focus of an international campaign, reaching the highest levels of the UK government. The story of her separation from her baby and husband, her imprisonment, and the fight to bring it to light, form the basis of the play, which will be performed live.

The Great Plan B by Justyna Bargielska, transl. by Maria Jastrzebska

Nasrin Parvaz was born in Tehran, and became a civil rights activist. She has written a memoir based on her experience in prison, which was published in Italian in A noted short-story writer as well as poetry translator, her poems have been included in Over Land, Over Sea, Poems for those Seeking Refuge, published by Five Leaves in She will be reading from an English translation of her memoir.

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Ziba Karbassi Born in Tabriz, north-western Iran, she had to leave the country as a teenager in the late s. The author of ten books of poetry in Persian, two in English and Italian, she is widely regarded as the most accomplished Persian poet of her generation.

Widely translated in many languages, her poems in English have appeared in Poetry Review and Modern Poetry in Translation. She was Chair of Exiled Writers Ink from Simone Theiss blogs about human rights and freedom of expression under CiLuna Painting: Zave Akram. By kind permission of Artiquea. Her new collection of short stories speaks of all the complexities of Somaliness, blackness, womanhood, family and so much more.

Maria Bravo Calderara is a Chilean writer in exile. In the last three years she has become an important poet in her own country and some of her poems are on permanent display at the National Stadium. Her short stories have recently been included in various anthologies published in Chile and in Spain while her poems have appeared in anthologies and periodicals published in the United Kingdom and continental Europe.

Mona Dash Originally from India, she writes poetry and fiction and her work has been published and anthologised widely. With a background in Engineering and Management, she works full time in Technology. Anba Jawi is a poet who writes in Arabic and English and publishes in an Iraqi daily newspaper Alaalem that circulates in Baghdad. Anba was one of the pioneering women geologists in Iraq. She holds a PhD from University College London and worked in the refugee sector for more than twenty years.

Consuelo Rivera is a teacher, sociologist, feminist lesbian scholar and narrative memoirist. If payment is a problem for asylum seekers, no problem: contact n confidence exiledwritersink gmail.

Anna Blasiak writes poetry in Polish and in English.

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Malanowska, Odija, M. Szychowiak and Amiel [as Anna Hyde] , as well as poetry by M. She helps run the European Literature Network.

Justyna bargielska pdf to word

More at annablasiak. Her artworks include photography, installations, film-poems, and live performances with projections.

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For many years she has been writing poetry in Yiddish and has had her poems included in various Yiddish publications in New York, Paris, Florence and Jerusalem. Her first bilingual collection was Tsi hot ir gezen mayn tsig?

And Other Poems H. Leyvik-farlag, Tel Aviv, Her second collection has just been published in two separate bilingual editions, Yiddish — English and Yiddish — Hebrew, is Kales-breyshis un andere lider — Kalat Bereshit and Other Poems H. Leyvik-farlag, Tel Aviv. Host: Edin Suljic poet from former Yugoslavia.

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If payment is a problem for asylum seekers, no problem: contact in confidence exiledwritersink gmail. Anwar Hamed was born in the West Bank in , where he began writing and publishing his stories.

In he moved to Hungary, and there he found a new audience for his work. Hamed moved to London in and currently works as a journalist at the BBC. He is founder of Al Zaytouna, a leading dance group in Europe, aiming to provide Western audiences with the opportunity to experience Palestinian culture through theatre, dance and music.

Justyna bargielska pdf to word

Ghada Karmi. The family moved to England in She practised as a doctor for many years specialising in the health of migrants and refugees and subsequently held research appointments on Middle Eastern politics and culture at SOAS University of London and at Durham and Leeds universities. Inua Ellams Born in Nigeria in , Inua Ellams is an internationally touring poet, playwright, performer, graphic artist and designer. Selim Jahan is an author and economist.

He translates from Bangla to English and vice versa. He worked as an Arabic language teacher before leaving Syria in Hussein writes articles for several Arab periodicals and magazines and has a weekly column in Al Arab Newspaper issued in London.

He has composed for BBC programmes as well as for a number of films and theatre productions.

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Farrah Akbik is a British Syrian poet based in London. She has performed her poetry to raise awareness of the plight of Syrian refugees. He is now an independent prize-winning film-maker based between London and Baghdad.

He will read from his forthcoming collection Dear Refugee to be published in Smokestack. She is a writer, poet and Ledbury Emerging Poetry Critic. Her poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction and reviews have appeared in Wasafiri, The North, and Mslexia, among others.

He has a PhD from Imperial College. Homan Yousofi was born in Kabul and came to the UK in at a time when refugees were more warmly welcomed by this society.

He grew up in London, spending much of his childhood and teens on Hampstead Heath — and later moved to Snowdonia, North Wales, to study creative writing. Once there he started leading creative writing workshops amongst the mountains and the lakes. His themes usually combine ideas of migration, postmodern identity and nature, and more recently is influenced by Buddhist ideas.

He recently returned from Athens, working on zines and a book of haikus with a talented group of Afghan teenage girls at a large squat. Aydin Mehmet Ali was born in undivided Nicosia. She lives between Cyprus and London where she sought refuge from a war; an unaccompanied minor.

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As an intellectual activist, writer, translator and educationalist, she established projects focusing on women and young people. Co-editor of forthcoming anthology, Writing Nicosia…. Afsaneh Gitiforouz from Shiraz in Iran, has been living and working in London since She began collecting her writings in Jennifer Langer writes poetry focusing on outsiderness which has been published in various journals.