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See separate instructions. OMB No. Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service 61 Name as shown on return Identifying number as shown on return Check the box that identifies you: Purchaser Seller Part I General Information Other party's identifying number 1 Name of other party to the transaction Address number, street, and room or suite no.

In the purchase of the group of assets or stock , did the purchaser also purchase a license or a covenant not to compete, or enter into a lease agreement, employment contract, management contract, or similar arrangement with the seller or managers, directors, owners, or employees of the seller?

If "Yes," attach a schedule that specifies a the type of agreement and b the maximum amount of consideration not including interest paid or to be paid under the agreement.

See instructions. Tax year and tax return form number with which the original Form and any supplemental statements were filed.

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Attach additional sheets if more space is needed. Download Form Rev.

Purchase Agreement Land Contract Waiver. May December January

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