E.w. Kenyon The Subconscious Mind Pdf

We are talking of the Recreated spirit is also the fountain of wisdom, and all of the other fruits of the spirit mentioned in Galatians Here we are given a title for the recreated human spirit.

Spiritual things are unveiled to this hidden man of the heart. The only way to know God and the Lord Jesus Christ is through the spirit.

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God imparts His messages to your spirit. Until your spirit gains the mastery over your senses, your faith will never be strong and vigorous.

Faith is a product of your spirit, just as wisdom is a product of your spirit; faith is developed and wisdom is enriched by meditation in the Word of God. It comes by acting on the Word. Every time you act on the Word, faith becomes stronger.

This book is a masterly unveiling of the deeper walk in the Spirit. It will open thrilling new vistas and make the word a thrilling reality to you.

It is of the first importance that the child of God know what he is. Until we recognize what we really are in Christ, we will not know the riches that belong to us, and the abilities that are ours. This book is available on CD — to view the audio book click here!