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Evolution of Plant-Pollinator Relationships

Nessa Carey. David Reich. Robert Plomin. Blaine T.

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Elizabeth Caldwell Hirschman. Brenda Maddox. Vince Buffalo. Russell Foster. Asher D. Pierre Taberlet. David Quammen. Althea S. James Watson. John M. Cath Ennis.

Evolution of mutualism in plant-pollinator interactions on islands

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Popular Features. New Releases. Description What are the evolutionary mechanisms and ecological implications behind a pollinator choosing its favourite flower?

Plant-pollinator systems under threat

Sixty-five million years of evolution has created the complex and integrated system which we see today and understanding the interactions involved is key to environmental sustainability. Examining pollination relationships from an evolutionary perspective, this book covers both botanical and zoological aspects.

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It addresses the puzzling question of co-speciation and co-evolution and the complexity of the relationships between plant and pollinator, the development of which is examined through the fossil record. Additional chapters are dedicated to the evolution of floral displays and signalling, as well as their role in pollination syndromes and the building of pollination networks.

Wide-ranging in its coverage, it outlines current knowledge and complex emerging topics, demonstrating how advances in research methods are applied to pollination biology. People who viewed this also viewed. Add to basket. The Cosmic Serpent Jeremy Narby.

Plant-Pollinator Relationships

The Epigenetics Revolution Nessa Carey. Blueprint Robert Plomin. Rosalind Franklin Brenda Maddox. Bioinformatics Data Skills Vince Buffalo. The Tangled Tree David Quammen.

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Evolution of plant-pollinator relationships pdf creator

Life's Greatest Secret Matthew Cobb. Gene Machines Frances R. Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics Jonathan Pevsner. Extended Heredity Russell Bonduriansky. What Mad Pursuit Francis Crick.

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