Different Types Of Floor Finishes Pdf To Jpg

Different types of floor finishes pdf to jpg

In fact, the solids are really all that is used after floor finish is applied. The solids are the plastic or polymer molecules that are left on the floor when you apply finish and can have a big impact on the performance of the finish.

11 Different Types of Flooring Explained (Definitive Guide)

The size and make up of these polymer molecules can very from brand to brand and can require different types of maintenance. Chemical liquids such as water, emulsifiers, wetting and leveling agents make up the remainder of the floor finish content. If you think of it like a glass of water and sand, the sand would represent the solids.

The more solids, the more usable product per gallon.

Different types of floor finishes pdf to jpg

Common Sense would say that higher floor finish solids would always be the better purchase, but this is not always true. Just like any mixture of liquid and solids, the more solids, the thicker it gets.

Types of Finishes

Since most finishes are designed to dry quickly, they begin to harden before they have spread out smooth. This can result in uneven gloss, mop swirls and cause very thick patches of finish that take a long time to dry.

All of this is because the drying takes longer. Floor finish dries from the top down. When the liquid is thinner, it spreads out as it is applied and with the additional liquid, it takes longer to dry. These properties are constantly being tweaked by the floor finish manufactures so more solids can be used, while delaying the drying process until after the product has been applied.

With new technologies in polymer science, the higher solids floor finishes are becoming more effective and easier to use. When you are trying to choose a floor finish , it becomes a matter of performance vs. Higher solids finishes are more durable but can be difficult to apply and repair with maintenance.

Since the polymer density is higher, they can also be more difficult to remove with traditional chemical stripping.

What Are the Different Types of Hardwood Floor Finishes?

This is all variant on the specific finish that is being used. The best suggestion is to compare finishes yourself and talk to others who have used them.

Every application and environment is different as well as the make up of the finish. Choosing the correct percentage of floor finish solids is not as important as proper application and maintenance. The way a product is used is always what determines its success. Great article. Let it be known that solids have absolutely nothing to do with the quality of the floor finish,it only has to do with what percentage of the finish is left behind after the non volatile mater flashes off or evaporates.

A lower solid floor finish can often times be a better quality product.. Remember solid content has nothing to do with the quality only the quantity! While your last statement is true, a higher solids finish can be a little more finicky to apply. Because more solids can make the finish thicker, it can take longer to level out.

Different types of floor finishes pdf to jpg

In dryer climates it can dry too fast and leave defects in the finish. In cases with high humidity, higher solids finishes can trap moisture between layers if applied to heavy. While I am a fan of higher solids finishes, they do require different use in most situations.

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And you are also correct that many sales people missrepresent their products as being superior due to the percentage of solids. Most will perform just fine with the correct maintenance program. Hi Tony. Thanks for reading. The solids content does not necessarily affect the shine.

More coats can result in higher shine, but only to a point. After coats, you are only adding additional protection to the floor. The more coats you have, the more maintainable finish you have to work with, but will not increase the shine.

Some floor finishes just shine, or reflect light, better than others. Some are softer and scratch more easily, resulting in less light reflected. Hi Lisa, that is a great question. Most name brand floor sealers and finishes are going to work if they are taken care of properly. Meaning they are swept and cleaned on a regular basis.

Here is a floor sealer that I have used in childcare setting with good results. In this one, I will go over why floor finish shines.

Different types of floor finishes pdf to jpg

Floor finish shine is a result of nothing […]. The floor finish solids content only reflects the amount of polymers that are used in the […]. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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6 Types of Floor Finishes You Need to Know

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Different types of floor finishes pdf to jpg

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The Differences Between Hardwood Floor Finishes

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Different types of floor finishes pdf to jpg

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