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Internet based communications are business critical to any size business, and maintaining these systems and uptimes require good technology that is easy to maintain.

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CommuniGate Pro is the perfect solution for small to medium sized businesses because it consolidates applications and servers into a single solution. The Micro-Dynamic Cluster is a designed to provide the same reliability and change management features larger carriers gain, but in a form factor that is simple and affordable.

CommuniGate Pro software can run across multiple machines to create what we call the Active Dynamic Cluster architecture. This kind of multi-server configuration allows you to spread the traffic and processing load for faster response times, and provides automatic server redundancy - in the event that one server goes down, the software automatically reroutes requests away from that server to one that is working - so that the end users do not experience any downtime.

The Active Dynamic Cluster architecture provides both performance and stability by removing the inefficiencies associated with file access systems. An Active Dynamic Cluster solution implements "Account Level Synchronization" with a Cluster Controller, using a special inter-server protocol to ensure that an account is used directly by only one cluster member at any given moment.

The key difference with the CommuniGate Cluster architecture is that it is an Active-Active application cluster solution, providing massive scalability possibilities, with redundancy.

The solution does not require any third party software for HA, or any database, the technology is built in. CommuniGate Pro is a carrier-class Internet Communications server for voice and data applications. All management is done through one application in a single dash, including email, video calling, VoIP calls, IM and RSS feeds, which ultimately reduces administration costs.

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Interoperable across all platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux. The Dynamic Cluster allows providers to offer a domain-based hosted PBX solution on the most scalable and reliable platform in the industry. Lawful Interception features are built-in to the PBX application.

Softswitch : The CommuniGate Pro server-based software solution combines the functionality of class 4 and class 5 systems into a single platform, delivering end-to-end connectivity and PBX voice and conferencing applications to all subscribers.

Conference Server : A robust and easy to use voice conferencing server allows you to host thousands of simultaneous.

Running your conference server in-house will greatly improve your call quality and ease of use while decreasing costs spent on conference service outsourcing. Call recording and archiving enables the ability to capture and store meeting information. Voicemail Application : Developed for typical office needs, and is fully extensible for carriers that need to provide voicemail for millions of subscribers. Groupware Integration : CommuniGate Pro Real-Time Applications are not stand-alone point solutions, but are integrated into the email and groupware calendar unlike any communications platform on the market today.

Using disparate gateway devices and appliances in your organization guarantees mistakes in administration and cracks in security. EdgeGate Controller is a far more advanced solution than traditional MTAs or filters because it manages both voice and data streams, and can place policy and compliance on both media and routing to secure your system against spam, viruses, malware, phishing, denial of service DoS , and intrusion.

EdgeGate policies are an intricate part of the entire CommuniGate Pro solution, acting together with the core message store to provide security and consolidated identity management to the communication system. Award winning and customer endorsed for extremely high performance, reliability, and massive scalability, a CommuniGate Pro Dynamic Cluster with EdgeGate Services can manage and routinely handle millions of messages per hour and process thousands of call signals per second.

This industry-leading, carrier-grade performance means that voice and data messages are delivered on time and protected against denial-of-service attacks and malware. EdgeGate Defense provide a sophisticated, multi-layer security infrastructure : Multi-tiered Security Infrastructure CommuniGate Pro flow-control and anti-spam features in combination with third-party or open-source plugins protect your organization using a multifaceted approach using tested defense mechanisms such as Reputation, Adaptive, Policy, Preventative, Heuristic, Detection, Signatures, and Bayesian techniques, all within one solution.

Archiving and Lawful Interception The CommuniGate Pro Rules engine provides detailed techniques for archiving messages via mirroring or message copying at the gateway or messages store. Secure authentication methods can be enforced for both local and mobile users, and TLS encryption is offered on all protocols. CommuniGate Pro provides a single solution for all registrar and proxy needs including fully standards-compliant support for multiple registrations per AOR, support for Non-Adjacent Contacts, far-end and near-end NAT traversal, transparency for end-nodes, media proxying, and integrated presence server.

All of this means your users will be able to connect and communicate reliably and securely, no matter where they are.

Monitoring and SNMP The CommuniGate Pro WebAdmin Interface provides administrators a detailed view of the communications system, including advanced logging options for detailed monitoring and reporting. Many third-party plugins by well-recognized partners are available directly through CommuniGate Systems, and as well there are many open-source plugins developed by members of the CommuniGate community.

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CommuniGate Pro benefits : It's full featured. Provides IMS infrastructure based upon open standards for voice and data communications. It's easy to maintain.

Rolling updates and single system image design allows multi-million subscriber deployments to have quick and rapid provisioning and updates. It's Flexible. Plus, it's open API facilitates integration with billing, provisioning, and additional management applications to run voice, data and multimedia.

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It's Robust. CommuniGate Pro's advanced technology provides over million users voice and data Internet Communications daily. Customer satisfaction, and reliability are key to our business success.

It's Secure.

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CommuniGate Pro's EdgeGate Controller offers advanced built-in Session Border Management infrastructure, along with support for leading third party anti-spam and anti-virus technologies. It's Scalable. CommuniGate Pro's Dynamic Cluster architecture offers unlimited growth potential for the largest IMS deployments by Broadband providers often having 50 or more million subscribers.

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The platform provides all standards based forms of communications such as email, instant messaging, voicemail, video, with security and control through EdgeGate Controller services.

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