Color Schemes For Websites Pdf To Word

Color schemes for websites pdf to word

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Many people underestimate how important a great color scheme on a website is. The color of your pages is one of the first things the visitor sees and it pays to create an excellent first impression. Color also affects people in different ways and this is what this article aims to teach you about.

When you are choosing what colors to design your site, it is a really great idea to think about how you want your visitors to feel when they visit your site. To give you an example, red is an exciting color. If you want to create a feeling of excitement, then red might be a good choice. Scientists have actually experimented with this a little in the sense that people who have red walls in their bedroom or office actually have a higher heart rate and higher blood pressure than someone who spends most of their time in a room that is painted with blue colors.

How many times have TV shows and advertising referred to the sexy red dress that a woman is wearing or something along those lines? Image source: Evan Kosowski. Colors have the ability to change your moods and affect how you are feeling. Your senses react differently to different colors. Of course, everyone is different in how they react to a certain color, but the majority of people do feel excited by the color red.

Color schemes for websites pdf to word

Other people have stated that the color red, particularly a red car makes them feel as if the car is faster than all the others. A highly rated television show features an actress who wears a lot of red and the men on this show seem to react in an excited and amorous way when they see her in one of her sexy red dresses.

Color schemes for websites pdf to word

Image source: Joyce Leung. When you are designing a website you should never take the colors you choose for granted.

Color Schemes For Websites, Colors Combinations And Their Importance

Think about the message you are trying to broadcast to your audience. A bad color combination will not excite them or interest them and the chances are that they will not return to your site. People may say this is madness, but it simply is not.

Do not take the colors you choose on your site for granted. You could use all the colors of the rainbow, but if it is not pleasing to the senses and just the eye, people will not like it, your design simply will not work for you. You need to know which colors work well with each other.

How color can improve your website and brand identity

This can depend on what your site is about. It is about hotted-up cars, then some metallic blue, red and purple photos of cars might go down well. Having said that, you need to think about the background colors and whether they work with the main features on your pages. To demonstrate how to make good color choices, learning about two colors that work well together are usually divided into six different categories. A color expert will often tell you that a simple web design is the best way to go.

A good color selection requires a balance between the right colors, meaning you should not introduce a new color unless you are sure it adds to the look of your site. If it offers nothing in terms of aesthetics, then ditch that idea.

Color schemes for websites pdf to word

Every element on your site needs to be the right color, the text, borders, templates, menu bars and absolutely everything that the eye can see the need to look just right and blend together well. Your visitors will have a positive experience and the chances are they will return.

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This is all good advice and well worth taking into account when choosing and mixing colors as you do want huge traffic figures on your business site, it is why you are building it in the first place.

When you use colors together, there is a great trick you can use so that your visitors will see the colors separately. Using a thin white line to kind of create a border around your colors.

29 Beautiful Color Schemes From Award-Winning Websites

If you take the example of the soft drink company Pepsi, they have used a thin line in order to separate the red and the blue and this enables the person looking at the logo to see the colors separately.

Image source: taasky. Many top web designers are beginning to get through to other designers and business people about the importance of good color blending and mixing. The bottom line here is that certain colors can put people in the mood to want to purchase something. They have landed on your site because something you have there is of interest to them, so if you are using the right color to stimulate the senses into buying what they are attracted to, the chances are your sales will increase.

Image source: diagnosite. Given that the Internet has become so flexible in recent years, this has opened the door for designers to try out many different designs and color schemes for websites.

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If you are not getting the traffic you desire and you are doing all that is required to get to the top of the search engines with your keywords, then you might need to re-think your color scheme. Some designers like the simple black and white theme on certain websites and for some websites, this works, but this depends on what your website is about.

If it is a news site, then black and white might suit, given that any journalistic photography should provide enough stimulation to the reader. White text on a black background is quite good too, however, you need to be sure that it would not be difficult to read.

Check the size of your font and the type of font too. Sometimes people can be put off by this design, for the above reasons. Image source: Prof. Claudia Jacques.

12 website color schemes that convert

In saying all of the above, it might not occur to you that you might want to get your self a color wheel, this might help you decide if the colors you like will go together and complement the look of your website. Painters and interior designers use color wheels all the time. Image source: getachoo.

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Selecting your main color scheme for your website means so much more than filling the pages with your favorite colors.

You need to have website colors that go well together to get the response you want from the people who land on your site. You build a website to attract more business and a larger audience.

Color schemes for websites pdf to word

If you are familiar with what your readers or visitors want to see or read on your site, then you are the best person to make choices on what colors will work. Once you have figured out just how your colors will be displayed on your site and what colors to use, you have won half the battle of creating a winning and appealing site to look at.

Your websites colors are so much more important to a successful site than you will ever know.

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No spamming. Unsubscribe at any time. Visual Hierarchy is a bundles site where designers can buy and sell their products. Colors are probably more important than you think Image source: Evan Kosowski Colors have the ability to change your moods and affect how you are feeling. Choosing the right colors Image source: Joyce Leung When you are designing a website you should never take the colors you choose for granted. Creating colors schemes A color expert will often tell you that a simple web design is the best way to go.

The importance of colors Image source: taasky. A new color scheme may be a good idea Image source: diagnosite. Color Schemes Image source: Prof.

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Claudia Jacques Choosing a Monochromatic color scheme gives the look a calming feeling, it usually consists of one color as the main color and adds different tones of the main color to create this essence of calm. An Analogous color scheme usually consists of colors, several actually that are next to each other on a twelve point color wheel. Complementary color schemes are usually two colors that work well together to create an exciting look to your site.

Split Complementary will include a primary color with colors on each side that complement the main color. Triadic and Tetradic colors are used by combining three colors together.

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Usually, these colors are situated at about degrees from each other on a twelve-step color wheel. These color are usually bold and bright, even if you are using pale colors or a different shade of the primary color.

Color schemes for websites pdf to word

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