Chudoba Vo Svete Pdf Creator

Chudoba vo svete pdf creator

Chudoba vo svete pdf creator

Published in:. The main aim of this monograph is to provide a detailed analysis of poverty and deprivation in Slovakia through the lens of income poverty, subjective poverty, relative material deprivation and asset poverty.

Chudoba a deprivácia na Slovensku: Metodologické aspekty a empíria

This monograph is divided into three parts. The goal of the first part is to provide an outline of selected concepts in relation to measuring poverty and deprivation. The selected studies of the living conditions with reference to income situation of Slovak people before and after are described in the second part. The third and key part of the monograph is intended to accomplish the main aim and comprises a close description of the methodology followed by a discussion of the main results achieved.

The research is not restricted to a single dimension of poverty, but also takes into account the most important concepts that can be covered with the use of available data suitable for a study of this scope. A considerable part addresses the issue of subjective perception of poverty, perhaps the most problematic aspect of the study as the goal is to aggregate the subjective perceptions of people in an objective manner.

A significant contribution of this publication is also the estimation of rates of asset poverty in Slovakia, in which the main issue is insufficient availability of data.

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Sociálne posolstvo Jána Pavla II. pre dnešný svet II. Chudoba

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Chudoba vo svete pdf creator

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Chudoba vo svete pdf creator

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Social Capital in the Creation of Human Capital. Cowell, F.

Slovensko je krajina pracujúcej chudoby. Smutná vizitka Ficovho dlhoročného bačovania

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Chudoba vo svete pdf creator

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Chudoba vo svete pdf creator

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Chudoba vo svete pdf creator

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