Ancient Greece Map Activity Pdf File

Ancient greece map activity pdf file

This is a relatively large file so be patient while it downloads. The map above displays the ancient Greek cities, places of interest, and centers of influence within and without the borders of the modern country.

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This map is divided into smaller areas to facilitate easier viewing over the internet. Click on each orange square to see each area.

About this Map

The following version is availabe via Google Maps. It contains just about the same data, except the maps above are updated and will continue to be updated.

Ancient Greece for Kids - History Learning Video

View Ancient Greece in Larger Map. This map takes advantage of Google Maps architecture, and it is growing over time. I put it together for my own research purposes, but soon realized that it could be a useful tool for others. In this map I have identified as many of the major and minor cities, and places of interest of Ancient Greece.

How to use the above map

To complete the task, I consulted multiple resources, original research papers, old and modern maps, online hints, and ancient texts relevant to each place on the map. I have identified each site as either approximate, or accurate.

Ancient greece map activity pdf file

You will find these designations on the pop-up window after clicking on each map place:. By "accurate" is meant "as accurately as possible".

Ancient greece map activity pdf file

The placemark is on the most commonly accepted location and should be considered accurate within the vicinity of the pin on the map. The placemark is placed on the most likely location.

Ancient greece map activity pdf file

Good examples of this fact are the locations of Troy, Miletos, and Thermopylae. In several such cases, I have drawn the ancient coastline after considerable research, and I hope to add more in the future.

Did you see an error or an omission? Do you have have more accurate information about a place on the map?

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