Acidosis Bases Y Sales Pdf To Jpg

Acidosis bases y sales pdf to jpg

To fill out this checklist, please add the following code to the template call:. In Indonesia, it is called Manggis. I wonder why it's not written here. Yandri talk , 21 June UTC. It is encyclopedic and imporant to know knowledge about praise and endorsements. You are wrong to have reverted it Unban keep it real. What does it taste like?


An encyclopedia article about a fruit should probably mention something about the taste. Besides, I'm curious. I added a description of the taste. Before you start badmouthing this fruit, take a quick look on PubMed. You will find that there is a substantial amount of legitimate research articles from peer-reviewed journals about this fruit.

I am not commenting on any companies that sell any mangosteen products, I am just stating that there is real research out there that does indeed demonstrate that the mangosteen has health benefits. There is more compelling evidence for this fruit than for some pharmaceuticals. Also, you should note that the journal articles are in no way tied to any of the companies, and quite a few of them were written before any mangosteen supplement was ever brought to market.

I am all for removing marketing and propoganda from Wikipedia, but you cannot let your personal biases against companies cloud your judgement about what the scientific community has put forth in their research. I am also not saying that all research articles are fact or flawless; however, you will find that the xanthones in the Garcinia mangostana are COX-inhibitors as well as histamine and serotonin inhibitors. Take a look for yourself, and you will find these journal articles.

They once thought radium was good for you too. I'm not saying its anywhere near as harmful as that was but it just goes to show being snake oil salesmen is a profession that stands the test of time. If one looks carefully at the structure of mangosteen's fruit that is preferred for human consumption, it's clear immediately that the white flesh -- botanically, an aril seed covering -- is without pigmentation read that as absent of antioxidants which are phenols with defensive roles usually on the outside of a fruit or vegetable.

Xango juice is made apparently, as the method is proprietary in a 3 step process. This recent paper takes a factual look at mangosteen aril nutrient quality poor, nearly absent , aril antioxidant value must be nearly zero, as the plant does not need antioxidant protection deep inside the overall fruit structure, so the flesh is without pigmentation , and research underway on xanthones an adolescent research field by comparison to other antioxidant phytochemicals.

Conclusion: there isn't much to get excited about concerning Xango. A consumer would get more nutrition and probably equal antioxidant value drinking tomato, grape or cranberry juice at prices of what?


Much of this page sounds like "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" — hardly encyclopedical. Mangosteen is currently being marketed. I'm trying to tone down the advertizing language and I'm removing dubious statements taken from the referenced links, where they appear with no source other than some MD's opinion. I will also remove the claims about "many times the antioxidant capacity of popular vitamins" which I could not back up in gov or edu sites: [1] , [2].

I would agree with that. I'd like say thank you for all you wikipedians out there working hard to remove the Xango spam that routinely shows up on this article. If that is the case then why are so many people claiming to benefit from incorporating mangosteen juice into their daily health routine?

There has to be some benefit to the fruit. Doesn't there?

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Even One-A-Day and Centrum vitamins now state that they have antioxidant value. We hear about tomatoes having lycopene, which is a food antioxidant. Good for heart health, and all that. Most red and dark berry juices have specified ORAC values red grape wine, pomegranate juice, noni juice, mangosteen juice, cherry juice all are high ORAC value foodstuffs. From the article: Foods that score high in an antioxidant assay called ORAC may protect cells and their components from damage by oxygen radicals, according to studies of animals and human blood.

ORAC measures the total antioxidant power of foods and other chemical substances. Early findings suggest that eating plenty of high-ORAC fruits and vegetables—such as spinach and blueberries—may help slow the processes associated with aging in both body and brain. German Wikipedia claims a much higher nutritional and medical value to this fruit, specially as the best source of anti-oxidants. I recently purchased some of these as whole fruit in NZ.

Given NZ's extremely stringent phytosanitary standards which would probably be more stringent then those in the US in general, I suspect the mention of them being illegal to import in the US may be untrue. I don't know where these originated from perhaps Australia or how they were treated perhaps irradiated although irradiated mangos that I've bought have been clearly labelled however I'm guessing they can be imported whether they are or not I don't know.

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They were extremely expensive of course I have a friend who is trying to start a mangosteen and durian plantation there. Not sure if theyre irradiated. They certainly are illegal to import into the US if they are not irradiated due to fruit fly larvae that can sit under the crown on the fruit. Thailand will be exporting the first irradiated ones to california in the coming months. The question was asked in a check-in comment why we're keeping the montosogardens.

Personally, I have no problem with the montosogardens. Both of the pages linked to are actually pages for the mangosteen within a larger site, and not sites dedicated to selling mangosteen fruit juice via multi-level marketing "The first company to harness the real power of the exotic Garcinia mangostana, XanGo not only leads the mangosteen-based dietary supplement market—we created it.

Would a link to the XanGo article be appropriate for the See Also section? Why or why not?

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I'm a bit torn on the subject -- although it promotes XanGo a bit, it also points out additional information about XanGo's marketing campaigns. The FDA's take on Xango and any supposed dietary health product marketed with such exhorbitant anti-disease claims that accompany Xango juice is to assess whether the food or beverage qualifies as a "drug".

Acidosis bases y sales pdf to jpg

In other words, if a fruit has sufficient scientific proof that it prevents or cures diseases as Xango marketing material claims, then it must be a drug requiring the long series of expensive research including clinical trials required of any company developing a new drug from biotechnology. See this warning letter issued to Xango in Sept. This information needs to be written into the Article. The public coming to Wikipedia for facts needs to know issues surrounding the description given here.

If we hold mangosteen that is, any fruit and its juice products to the stringent standards of the FDA, then the public can be assured whether health claims are valid.

Acidosis bases y sales pdf to jpg

I will give this discussion area a few days for debate before providing an update to the Article, unless someone else would like to take it on. Near the top of the article it says that the rind is hard. Near the bottom, it says that the rind is soft.

I also question the statement that the fruit is usually torn apart rather than cut. That may be true in the field, but at a table, I'm sure it would be served cut due to the staining juices. Additionally the fruit inside is very delicate and can be damaged easily by any pressure on the rind. The pictures in the article, and every picture I've seen of the fruit, show it cut, not torn apart.

Note for opening the fruit: I first tried a mangosteen in Thailand.

Acidosis bases y sales pdf to jpg

I was taught to open it by gently squeezing the top where the green stem is and the bottom opposite together. This causes the skin to crack open under the pressure. At that point you are able to rip a side of the skin right off. I usually start eating the fruit with half of the skin left on the bottom.


The fruit is juicy and the skin left on the bottom keeps my hands clean. Hard on the outside and soft on the inside. It is better to open them by hand rather than by cutting them bec the pressure that your hand exerts just breaks up the outer hard rind really easily then you can just pull the halves apart.

Besides, if you use a knife, it might slip and cut you bec. The fruit is not that delicate that it would get damaged by opening the fruit by hand.

Acidosis bases y sales pdf to jpg

A mangosteen's rind is usually a little less than half an inch thick. The outer rim of the rind is very, very thin but usually hard. The rest of the rind all the way up to the meat is soft.

We usually use a really sharp knife to go around the fattest part of the fruit and split the rind in half. Then we just split it open and pull out the meat.

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The inside fruit is pretty soft, don't you think? Squeezing the rind can bruise it causing discoloration which is important if you want to pull out the meat and leave it its ringed form for presentation.

Kallimina talk , 8 January UTC. Even if the name of Mango does signify the Sperm that relates to the reproductive process the fruit undergoes, a Homosapien Penis has nothing to do with this! No empirical evidence has been found linking the Male Genitalia with a Mangosteen. I am a scientist and I understand these things. I have removed the majority of the text in the xango section of the article.

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The first paragraph read like an advertisement for Xango, and the rest of it was just copied and pasted from the xango article. I've left the following text in: Several commercial mangosteen juices are on the public market, primarily in the United States and Canada.

One well known juice company is XanGo. I think that will suffice.

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What is the etymology of the name and is the name related to " mango "? Badagnani , 10 June UTC. User:Paul : In general, I agree that it's not encyclopedic to mention specific commercial products, but in this case I had two reasons for including the reference to Bolthouse Farms.

The page had very few things linking to it.