Vasant Book House Publication Bangalore For Pgcet Application

Vasant book house publication bangalore for pgcet application


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Vasant book house publication bangalore for pgcet application

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Vasant book house publication bangalore for pgcet application

The college always maintains high academic standards. I belong to Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh. That''s all About me. ED admission , JBT. Dissertation help M. Thesis Writing, PhD. Home :: Geeta Rai Assistant Professor Our current research program comprises of several independent but synergistically interacting projects, Our recent research focus in stem cells, has identified defective differentiation of cord blood hematopoetic stem cells in specific group of newborns, we are involved in development of monoclonal Abs and biosimilars and our efforts to manage Dengue fever through immunomodulation have resulted in a novel formulation.

University Of Kashmir Recruitment. Sarman Singh is a self-made person, who hails from a very small village of Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. He always thought of doing some welfare work for the country, which benefits not only his community but all the poor and downtrodden.

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The Department he was assigned, had no research and development work and very few basic diagnostic services at that time. The division is catering from very routine to most sophisticated molecular diagnostic services not only to the Institute hospital patients but also to patients of other hospitals in and outside Delhi.

Vasant book house publication bangalore for pgcet application

Singh is voracious writer, dedicated researcher, loved teacher by his students, an able administrator and a visionary. This is evident from his high citation index of , i10 index of and h-index of He is an internationally acclaimed medical scientist with outstanding research and academic achievements for his pioneering work in the field of infectious diseases.

His work has made high impact on the society both directly and indirectly and saved thousands of lives from diseases and poverty. His contribution to the society has been in two ways: direct and immediate and indirect but long lasting.

Vasant book house publication bangalore for pgcet application

The immediate impact has been through his inventions and innovations in the field of two major killer infectious diseases- the kala-azar and tuberculosis.

Though both diseases affect poor, but kala-azar mainly affects the poorest and down trodden Singh et al, Thousands of poor in Bihar, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh used to die due to kala-azar because the diagnostic methods were very costly for them to afford. The rapid test developed by his team which is highly cost-effective, the number of deaths due to kala-azar has come down.

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Though Government of India has taken several steps to tackle this disease, but the rapid test kit developed by him played pivotal role. His new inventions including the early diagnosis of tuberculosis and a mosquito proof cooler are on the way of commercialization which will make a dramatic change in the control of Tuberculosis and mosquito borne diseases. Indirect impact of his work has made a significant effect in youths and students across the country.

Thousands of students get highly motivated after reading his biography www. These youngsters generate confidence that with hard work, perseverance and honesty and scientists even poor students can also excel and contribute in the national building. The main focus of Prof. Sarman Singh's research has been on developing more sensitive and cost-effective diagnostic methods for infectious diseases, particularly those that are difficult to diagnose and treat.

Towards this goal, he has made several ground breaking discoveries in the field of pathophysiology of visceral Leishmaniasis or kala-azar.

He was the first to develop and patenting a rapid and highly cost-effective diagnostic test for this disease. These RDTs have made the invasive and hazardous methods like bone marrow and splenic aspiration dispensable at a very affordable price Singh It is a matter of pride that the diagnosis of kala-azar can now be made at a cost of less than Rs.

The disease kala-azar mainly affects the poor and down-trodden section of our society Singh et al, Till rapid tests were made available, thousands of poor in the states of Bihar, W Bengal and Uttar Pradesh were dying due to this disease because of non-availability of sensitive, cost-effective and point-of-care diagnostic methods.

It may be mentioned that with the availability of this revolutionary test, the number of kala-azar deaths has come down significantly - thanks to the Government of India for their active surveillance, and free treatment combined with the RDT kit developed by Dr.

Singh that played a pivotal role in the national kala-azar elimination program.

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This cutting edge technology is also saving of millions of dollars of the Indian Government every year on foreign exchange. This is the first ever-indigenous invention by a medical scientist, which is become an integral part of any national disease elimination programme.

This invention received high appreciation and applauds from the WHO WR-India, as chair of the award selection committee in the BMJ Research and Innovation excellence award distribution ceremony while announcing the award to Dr.

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Sarman Singh. Beside the above, this work has been recognised by the prominent science agencies of India, notably the Department of Biotechnology Product, process and Commercialisation award ; Indian Council of Medical Research Dr.

The issue of reservoirs of visceral leishmaniasis in India has remained dogmatic. The dictum has been that only post-kala-azar dermal leishmaniasis PKDL patients serve as reservoirs and there are no animal reservoirs in India, in contrast to the well-known animal reservoirs world-wide. In a spearheading study Dr. Singh working on the premise that in several areas where there are no PKDL cases Dey et al, , the outbreaks or sporadic cases of VL do occur Singh et a, Therefore, in a radical approach, his team investigated thousands of animals in endemic areas as well as in non-endemic areas and found that goats are very potent animal reservoirs of VL in India Singh et al These findings are bound to make drastic deviation in the kala-azar elimination programme of India.

The whole genome sequence WGS of several isolates of Leishmania donovani from VL patients has been sequenced, but it is a matter of pride that Dr. On the basis of this discovery new biological phenomenon has been postulated, thereby this integration could be the triggering factor to manifest the two strains differently the viscerotropic form becoming dermotropic.

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This landmark discovery also proved his old hypothesis, that Leishmania donovani undergoes in-vivo hybridization to manifest as PKDL. These findings will go a long way in the eradication of old dogma about PKDL. Singh discusses the current scenario of HIV-leishmania co-infection and factors that contributed to help quell this duo, in contrast to the other co-endemic countries Singh, However, the Leishmania and TB both are co-endemic in several parts of eastern India.

Considering this as a major research challenge, for the first time his team prepared a self-cleaving chimeric DNA vaccine which can be used against both TB and visceral leishmaniasis Dey et al, The department of Biotechnology who funded and licensed this this work, observed this invention as of high commercial value.

Miltefosine is a new drug approved for the treatment of VL in only but within few years of its introduction, the efficacy has gone down.