Digitech Jamman Solo Xt Vs Ditto X2 Manual

Digitech jamman solo xt vs ditto x2 manual

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Log in or Sign up. The Gear Page. Ditto X2 or jamman solo xt? Feb 14, 1. Messages: 1, I have been wanting to enter the looping world for some time. Should I bite on the Jamman Solo Xt or keep waiting for the x2? Any advice appreciated.

Ditto X2 or jamman solo xt?

RockinRob , Feb 14, Feb 14, 2. Wondering the same thing!

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Feb 14, 3. You're going to get a bunch of opinions but as someone who uses the Ditto every day for practicing and songwriting I personally can't wait for the Ditto X2 to come out. I've owned and used a number of loopers and the Ditto is my favorite. Simple to use and sounds great! Feb 14, 4.

Digitech jamman solo xt vs ditto x2 manual

L0ki , Feb 14, Feb 14, 5. Feb 15, 6.

No, but it was in the store for sale-- I almost bought it on the spot, an employee was using it and telling me about it and it sounds great! L0ki , Feb 15, Feb 15, 7. Messages: 3, The best thing the Ditto has going for it, besides the small size, is the sound quality.

I've done a bunch of testing myself and it's far superior to my Timeline and JamMan Stereo loop playback quality - the loop sounds exactly the same as you recorded it.

Seems like a simple thing, but the TImeline noticeably dullens the high end when the loop plays back, and the JamMan Stereo just affects your natural tone all the time with its buffer.

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MogwaiBoy , Feb 15, Feb 15, 8. The Express XT has better audio quality than previous Digitech stuff and is true bypass.

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It is stereo and will run off a battery unlike the original Ditto. I really like mine, it sounds great, and 10 minutes of loop time rocks. And almost half the price of the Ditto 2.

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Feb 15, 9. Feb 15, I have had the Solo XT for a few weeks. The extra capacity from the card slot, stereo in and out, and reverse were the reasons I got it. Sound quality seems great.

Digitech jamman solo xt vs ditto x2 manual

I haven't tried yhe software yet. In future i like the idea if editing some loops on pc but let's see - i am interested to hear from anyone who has used the pc interface successfully. Tone suck due to buffered or true bypass is not an issue anymore it's true. But the numbers don't lie And the audio quality is definitely discernible.

TC Electronic Ditto X2 Looper Review

In my experience. Suarkttam , Feb 15, I have a Ditto. I like it a lot. My only problem is sometimes I actually come up with something that I really like, and wish I could save it.

Digitech jamman solo xt vs ditto x2 manual

I will probably be upgrading to the X2 just for the ability to save loops to the computer. It would be great if I were able to save them in the pedal, but I'll take what I can get.

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When's the X3 coming out? Motherfuzzer , Feb 15, Messages: 2, Honestly, I just wish we had other brands to choose from offering similar moderately priced, compact, simple-to-use, true bypass, high-resolution, true stereo loop sampling pedals. I really want a pedal like this for my rig, but I just don't have much if any faith or confidence in TC Electronic or Digitech these days. I see lots of horror stories regarding broken TCE pedal products in which the owner is left swinging in the wind, and no method of repair seems to be available from TCE at a reasonable cost in the USA.

TCE introduces new products constantly, but I see no effort on their part to address quality control or availability of repair issues. Digitech's product reliability has been pretty solid, and you can get stuff repaired, but they often seem to quickly abandon other product support in the form of updates, etc.

Digitech jamman solo xt vs ditto x2 manual

I suppose that I prefer the features of the Ditto X2, but I'm not excited about the prospect of spending my hard-earned cash on it.

If I decide to buy that pedal, it will only be from a dealer offering a no-nonsense and hassle-free extended warranty replacement program. I just want to add that Pigtronix is one pedal company that puts their money where the mouth is on quality control and product support.

They are second to none.

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I just with they offered a lower cost baby brother version of the Infinity Looper. Bender , Feb 15, Messages: 4, EHX will be entering into the smaller, low priced loopers soon. Should be interesting to see what they put out.

Digitech jamman solo xt vs ditto x2 manual

What is the audio quality on the Boss RC-3, is it 16bit? IRG , Feb 15, I think I'm going to buy the head and the 4x8 cab soon, to run in stereo with my Fender Humboldt Hot Rod v2. Any info on the expected EH offering? RockinRob , Feb 15, I would go with the jamman. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content.

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Digitech Jamman Solo XT Looper Review

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CHOOSING A LOOPER PEDAL: Boss RC-3 vs TC Ditto X2 vs Digitech Solo XT

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