Adidas Three Stripes History Book

Adidas three stripes history book

Smith won the U.

Adidas three stripes history book

Open in and Wimbledon in , and was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in From here, the tennis star became a truly unlikely fashion icon. An of-the-era catalog showing adidas' roster of tennis shoes, prominently featuring the adidas Robert Haillet.

Adidas three stripes history book

He would produce the first leather tennis shoe in a world dominated by canvas, with its design featuring a pimpled outer sole made of rubber and an inner sole made of synthetic material. The debut of the Robert Haillet coincided with a surge in tennis popularity.

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In , Wimbledon gave up its exclusively amateur status, thus ushering in the Open Era , where professionals began to take over global tournament play and ultimately, began to seek endorsement deals. But in , Haillet had retired from tennis ultimately becoming a sales representative for adidas in the south of France and Horst Dassler needed to find an active player to endorse an updated version of the shoe in his place.

Smith, enticed by the endorsement dollars, signed a contract with adidas.

The book for fans and collectors of Adidas shoes

Smith had previously played in canvas shoes by Converse and Uniroyal, an American brand who contracted him as part of an entire team. The American tennis market was booming and Smith was the perfect person to help adidas snag a large piece of the pie. The sneaker has a very simple and sleek design, which has in part helped its sustained success over decades. White leather covers the entire silhouette, with the only real dash of color being the heel tab.

adidas Three Stripes Branding: A Full History

The green foam padding was added to the heel in the lates for added Achilles Tendon protection and a herringbone bottom sole—designed for use on clay courts. The shoe was also originally produced in Landersheim in France ; those French-produced pairs remain highly valuable to vintage sneaker collectors to this day.

Why is the Adidas logo three stripes ?

Unlike most adidas shoes, there is no overt external three stripes literally speaking branding anywhere. There are three rows of perforations on both sides of the shoe, in the same pattern of the traditional three stripes.

History of the Adidas Logo

The adidas branding on the shoe is very minimal overall, and its form has remained relatively untouched, with the exception of minor tweaks and customizations, over the last 40 years.

While Smith came to adidas in , the shoe was not officially changed to the adidas Stan Smith until The German giant could not decide if the name should be changed or not. Sales for the shoe reached new heights once the name was changed and Smith took over. Everyone began to wear Stan Smiths, even his opponents.

In the s, as sneaker technology began to develop, Stan Smiths began to lose popularity on the court as performance shoes. However, they thrived off the court as a fashionable sneaker. By , about 22 million pairs of the Stan Smith had been sold, with that number eventually hitting At the turn of the 21st century, adidas introduced a re-issued version of the shoe, the adidas Stan Smith II.

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This version has a thicker tongue with no Stan Smith portrait. On the heel tab there is only the adidas trefoil logo. A white and navy pair was introduced, as well as a nubuck black colorway.

Adidas three stripes history book

Everyman outfitters like J. Crew and others began to stock their shelves with the shoe as demand slowly increased.

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It quickly became one of the most important sneakers in fashion, despite routinely being found discounted on clearance racks at sporting good stores for the better part of the previous decade. By the end of , adidas was ready for a change. Executives met with Smith and Dell to tell them that it would stop producing Stan Smiths for and Smith resisted, but ultimately, adidas knew exactly what it was doing.

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It was a minor setback for what would prove to be a huge comeback. Completely removing a product off the shelves as it was beginning to pick up steam amongst a trendsetting group of consumers could certainly be seen as problematic, but the risk seemed worth the reward for adidas.

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Why would people in high fashion seek out a shoe that was discounted? By removing the shoe from the market, adidas manufactured a need.

Adidas three stripes history book

People had to wait for the shoe to be re-released, and when it eventually was, the shoe would be presented the right way. On January 14, , adidas re-released the Stan Smiths to much fanfare, even sending personalized pairs to stars like Pharrell and Ellen DeGeneres to build buzz.

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Later in , Philo once again took her bow at the end of her successful runway show in a pair of Stan Smiths. Upon the re-release, a whole host of new Stan Smith colorways began to pop up, including versions featuring updated tech. The Three Stripes paired the classic shoe with both its popular Primeknit material and Boost soles. The shoes were being name checked by rappers in songs. Smith himself was earning a flat fee each year from adidas until , when Dell was able to convince the company that Smith deserved more.

He would soon begin to receive royalties on every shoe sold. They both remain tight-lipped about how much he brings in from their lucrative partnership.

Here’s How adidas’s Three Stripes Became World Famous

That number is now over 50 million, according to sales numbers. The adidas Superstar was the best-selling sneaker of and the Stan Smith continues to hold its own, proving that great sneaker companies like adidas and Nike must continue to preserve its iconic shoes of the past while still embracing new technologies and pushing the envelope with fresh, innovative products.

He still makes eight or so appearances a year for the company, traveling all over the world.

Adidas three stripes history book

As of December 7, , Smith was awarded a lifetime deal with adidas—similar to the one inked between LeBron James and Nike—proving just how transcendent and commercially successful Smith's sneaker still is. Tags : y-3 , sneakers , stan-smith , phoebe-philo , pharrell-williams , raf-simons , adidas-originals , adidas.

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Adidas three stripes history book