Number 28 In Italiano Book

Number 28 in italiano book

Offerings, The daily sacrifice.

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This was a new generation of men; and they were concerned to keep their peace with God when at war with their enemies. The daily sacrifice is called a continual burnt-offering; when we are bid to pray always, at least every morning and evening we should offer up solemn prayers and praises to God.

Nothing is added here but that the wine poured out in the drink-offering is to be strong wine, to teach us to serve God with the best we have. It was a figure of the blood of Christ, the memorial of which is still left to the church in wine; and of the blood of the martyrs, which was poured out as a drink-offering on the sacrifice and service of our faith, Php This teaches us to double our devotions on sabbath days, for so the duty of the day requires. The sabbath rest is to be observed, in order more closely to apply ourselves to the sabbath work, which ought to fill up the sabbath time.

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The offerings in the new moons showed thankfulness for the renewing of earthly blessings: when we rejoice in the gifts of providence, we must make the sacrifice of Christ, that great gift of special grace, the fountain and spring-head of our joy. And the worship performed in the new moons is made typical of gospel solemnities, Isa As the moon borrows light from the sun, and is renewed by its influences; so the church borrows her light from Jesus Christ, who is the Sun of righteousness, renewing the state of the church, especially under the gospel.

No hurrying employments, or perilous situations, or prosperous circumstances, should cause slackness in our religious exercises; but should rather stir us up to greater diligence in seeking help from, or giving thanks to the Lord.

And all is to be accompanied with repentance, faith is the Lord Jesus, and love to him, and to produce true holiness in our conduct towards all men; otherwise God will abhor our most solemn services and abundant devotions. And Christ is able to supply the wants of every day, every week, every month, every year, every ordinance, every case.

Commentary by Matthew Henry, King James Bible Online.

Number 28 in italiano book

Commentary for Numbers Discussion for Numbers Lots of questions about the Sabbath in these forums. Sabbath is on Saturday.

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The Jews was to rest on this day. Jesus rose from the dead on a Sunday is why we choose this day to come together to worship.

Even thou we should worship Him everyday. Yes the Catholic church changed the Julian calendar to the Gregorian. Constantine was a SUN worshipper so are the Jesuits look up their symbol. You can pick any day or none. Hebrews chap.

Commentary for Numbers 28

Deborah for verse 7. Beverly for verse I only believe in the kjv bible well people are still looking for the scape goat nothing has changed they are still rejecting JESUS. As you said that there is nowhere in the bible that says sunday is the day of worship,and it is so also, but does that mean that the Sabbath day of rest that God has establish that poeple have the adosity to say that the Sabbath rest is sunday?

It depends on what kind of work you are refering to also to help some one that need a help, some one came at your door and ask for a meal will u not prepare it for him, or go help someone that is il and there home is in a mess lack of there sickness will u not tidy that person house for them that it may be clean???

Number 28 in italiano book

And sunday is not the day of rest that God had establish from the beginning of creation. Gen , Exo , Exo God is a God that never changes and would not turn back on his words.

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Olivier for verse 7. The Sabbath is the 7th day, not the 1st day of the week from sunset to sunset.

Number 28 in italiano book

So on our modern-day calendar, from Friday at sunset until Saturday at sunset. You can not find Sunday worship as the Sabbath in the Scriptures. SUN-day worship is sun worship.

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View All Discussusion for Numbers Chapter What Do You Think of Numbers 28? Share your own thoughts or commentary here Bible Trivia According to the book of Numbers, what livestock is to be sacrificed every Sabbath day?

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Two 1 year old male lambs One mature female goat Two mature male rams One year old female lamb. Which best represents the problem with the comment?

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