Njdoc Sea Girt Address Book

Njdoc sea girt address book

Approximately 10, employees are currently building rewarding careers with the department. To successfully carry out its mission, the Department of Corrections offers a wide variety of career opportunities in both administrative and operational areas. Important information regarding the New Jersey First Act.

General Expectations of CO Academy Training

Employment Opportunities :. Custody and Civilian Recruitment The Department of Corrections hires employees for both custody and civilian jobs from Civil Service certification lists, which are compiled through testing. Responsibilities The New Jersey State Correctional Police Officer is responsible, during an assigned tour of duty, to ensure the custody, safety and care of criminal offenders confined in State correctional facilities.

Please review our questionnaire before applying to determine if Correctional Police Officer is the job for you.

Njdoc sea girt address book

Pre-Employment Processing Based on the candidate's score and ranking on the written examination, as well as available vacancies, a candidate will receive notice from the Department of Corrections to report for pre-employment processing, which consists of the following:. Phase 4 - When vacancies occur, those candidates who have successfully completed Phases 1,2 and 3 will be notified to report for Phase 4 processing which includes the following: A medical exam e.

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An interview conducted by a psychologist based on the written examination completed during Phase 2. Candidates who pass the previously noted requirements will be appointed as Correctional Police Officer Apprentice and will be required to satisfactorily complete a week, in-residence NJ Police Training Commission course, at the Correctional Staff Training Academy.

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Those who successfully complete the training program will be appointed as a Correctional Police Officer and will serve a one-year working test period. Upon satisfactory completion of the working test period, candidates will be promoted to Senior Correctional Police Officer and serve a four month working test period.

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The academy training is comprised of three areas of training. Physical Fitness The Physical Education and Self-Defense Program emphasizes physical conditioning which includes running and various strength building exercises.

Njdoc sea girt address book

The current Police Training Commission PTV minimum requirements 24 pushups in 1 minute 28 sit ups in one minute 15 inch vertical jump meter run in Academics The Academic portion of the Academy training will include a college level course of studies such as psychological and sociological issues, Language and Communications skills, Criminal Law, Constitutional Issues, Correctional and Police Practice procedures, etc. There will be comprehensive examinations and written assignments. Firearms Training Firearms Training includes firearms safety and weapon qualifications.

In addition to staffing 13 facilities throughout the state, the following positions are some of the career opportunities available to Senior Correctional Police Officers within the Department of Corrections:. Department of Corrections Custody Recruitment Unit With almost ten thousand 10, New Jersey employers registered to list jobs and search our resumes for new employees and roughly , job listings in New Jersey alone, Jobs4Jersey.

The mission of the New Jersey Department of Corrections is to ensure that all persons committed to the state correctional institutions are confined with the level of custody necessary to protect the public and are provided with the care, discipline, training and treatment needed to prepare them for reintegration into the community.

Goals To provide public safety and security through the custody and management of those individuals incarcerated within the Criminal Justice system. To ensure the safety and welfare of the staff and inmate population. To assist in the rehabilitative efforts for those incarcerated individuals returning to the community.

Correctional Officer Academy Classroom Training

To promote public support for the operation and objectives of the Department of Corrections. Requirements Education: High school diploma or its equivalent. Candidates must read and write English sufficiently to perform duties of the position; Age: Minimum of 18 years of age; Citizenship: Must be a citizen of the United States and a resident of the State of New Jersey.

They must provide urine samples for analysis to determine drug use. After making a selection translation will begin.

Njdoc sea girt address book

This may take a few seconds. Careers in Corrections. The New Jersey Department of Corrections is the second largest employer in state government.


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