Mcts 70 515 Ebook Pdf Torrent

Mcts 70 515 ebook pdf torrent

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NET Framework 4 test on your first attempt. You are dynamically adding controls to an ASP. The page will have text boxes that correspond to the columns in a database table.

MCTS 70-515 Exam

Each text box will be preceded by a label that displays the name of the corresponding column. You need to create the form so that when the user clicks the label, the corresponding text box is selected for input.

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Which two actions should you perform Choose 2. Set WebOperationContext.

You are implementing an ASP. NET Web site.

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The site uses a component that must be dynamically configured before it can be used within site pages. You need to add a code segment to the Global. Configure method the first time, and only the first time, that any page in the site is requested. You need to ensure that a new ID namespace is created within the page control hierarchy when the control.

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You add files named ProductController. You then add a file named Route. Line numbers are included for reference only. You need to ensure that the correct page is returned. Add the following code segment to the RegisterRoutes in the Global.

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RegisterAllAreas ;. Which class provides paging functionality for data-bound controls that implement the IPageableItemContainer interface?

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You are creating an ASP. The site is configured to use Membership and Role management providers.

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You need to check whether the currently logged-on user is a member of a role named Administrators. You use the ASP. Each location will specify its SMTP configuration settings in a separate file named smtp. You need to ensure that the configuration settings that are specified in the smtp.

You create a Web page that contains drop-down menus that are defined by using div tags in the following code. You need to write a JavaScript function that will enable the drop-down menus to activate when the user positions the mouse over the menu title.

Mcts 70 515 ebook pdf torrent

NET application. The application includes a Person class with property Age. You add a page in which you get a list of Person objects and display the objects in a GridView control. You need to add code so that the GridView row is highlighted in red if the age of the person is less than NET page in an e-commerce application. The page should check the status of the shopping cart and always show a cart icon when one or more items are in the shopping cart.

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The page should hide the icon when the shopping cart has no items. You need to add an event handler to implement this requirement. The site allows users to explicitly choose the display language for the site's Web pages. You create a Web page that contains a DropDownList named ddlLanguage, as shown in the following code segment.

The site contains localized resources for all page content that must be translated into the language that is selected by the user. You need to add code to ensure that the page displays content in the selected language if the user selects a language in the drop-down list.

Mcts 70 515 ebook pdf torrent

What should you do? You are developing a WCF service.

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The service includes an operation names GetProduct. Add the WebGet attribute to the service contract. Add the WebInvoke attribute to the service contract. You create a static method named SiteHelper.

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Configure that configures the component. Which code segment should you use?

Mcts 70 515 ebook pdf torrent

You are developing an ASP. NET template server control. Which interface should you implement on the control? Replace line 10 with the following code segment. Add the following code segment at line GetUsersInRole "Administrators".

Mcts 70 515 ebook pdf torrent

ValidateUser User. GetRolesForUser "Administrators". Which configuration should you use in web. Which GridView event should you handle? You are perfoming security testing on an existing asp. You notice that you are able to issue unauthorised postback requests to the page. You need to prevent unauthorised post back requests. Which event handler should you add?

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