Another Harry Potter Book On The Way

Another harry potter book on the way

Another harry potter book on the way

The Harry Potter film franchise is undeniably one of the most unifying forces of our time. They tell stories that all ages can enjoy, from younger, mouldable minds looking for inspiration, to older, tired minds looking to escape the real world.

They're also great for completely hungover minds, just FYI.

Another harry potter book on the way

Ugh, accio rubex and a pizza, am I right? But the question is, will there be another Harry Potter movie made in our lifetime? Although the current Harry Potter books and films never get old, the knowledge that the series is over is, quite frankly, crushing.

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And, guys, the living legend herself J. Rowling has shut down any slim hopes that we had left for another dose of Potter heaven. Ugh, no!

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My tears flow like a stream down one of Diagon Alley's gutters. It was at the Broadway opening of her play Harry Potter And The Cursed Child which follows the adventures of Harry's son Albus that Rowling answered the question we've all been asking: will there be another in the series? The author explained that, in the epilogue, she left a clear narrative path towards Albus who, by the way, was named after Dumbledore.

Another harry potter book on the way

Stop, no, I know , too much even saying his name really isn't it? Rowling said:. And guess what y'all?

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There are five set to be made in total. That means three more doses of Harry Potter-esque vibes.

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However, the spin-off films introduce new stories and adventures, and give a back story to many mysterious characters you never knew you needed to know about. Oh yes muggles, this franchise may well fill in the gaps left by Rowling in the books.

And thank goodness she left those gaps, because the Fantastic Beasts character development is absolutely gorgeous.

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Yes indeed. Learning more about the dastardly Grindelwald and the dishy AF young Dumbledore is an absolute treat.

Another harry potter book on the way

And, despite talk that the romantic relationship between these two wizards was going to be left out of the films boo hiss heteronormative Hollywood , director David Yates has now confirmed that this is not the case, and that the upcoming instalment of Fantastic Beasts will make clear that the Hogwarts headmaster is gay , the Telegraph reports.

And, if all else fails, you can always marathon all the OG movies from the comfort of your own home via the televisual medium of your choice.