The Jungle Book Episode 16 Dailymotion

The jungle book episode 16 dailymotion

Come along as they explore the mysterious Middle Jungle, ward off tricks from buzzards Arthur and Cecil and foil the mischievous schemes of Kaa and Shere Khan. When Baloo's worries keep him from sleeping, he's inspired to create his famous song, "The Bear Necessities of Life.

Louie, Baloo and Hathi decide to follow him and see.

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Baloo agrees to do a simple errand for Louie, but Baloo's procrastination leads to big trouble. Louie and Bagheera lose their homes in a terrible storm and so move in together. Bagheera coughs up a hairball which embarrasses him so much that he decides to run away and never show his face again.

Louie is swinging through the trees and nearly falls to his death, but Kaa and Shere Khan accidentally save him. Louie is nervous about performing as an opening act for a well known jungle star that is his idol.

When it comes time to perform, Louie gets scared because he thinks he's mediocre compared to the big star.

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Hathi can't say no to anyone. He finds himself sorting bananas for Louie, picking berries for Baloo, moving a rock for Kaa, and watching a basket full of woodpeckers for a warthog he's never even met! Unhappy about being an elephant, Hathi decides to learn how to be a different kind of animal.

The jungle book episode 16 dailymotion

Baloo takes Hathi's prize melon with the intention of eating it, but guilt overcomes him. When Hathi discovers that his best friend Johar must move away, the two buddies try to keep their separation from happening.

The Cubs discover an ancient tablet which prophesies that Louie is to become king of the jungle. However, King Louie doesn't take his new leadership role seriously. Akela and Leah, a pair of young adult wolves, escape from their pack and its vicious leader, Cain.

The Great Kaadini

When the two wolves seek shelter in the Lair, Hathi and the other cubs launch a counter-attack, unaware that Akela and Leah mean them no harm. The cubs' antics cause a commotion with Winifred, her uncle, and the rest of their skittish elephant herd leading Uncle to ban poor Hathi from ever seeing Winifred again. When buzzards Arthur and Cecil have a falling out over a female counterpart, Arthur decides he needs a new friend and partner and he picks Shere Khan. When Louie is left in charge of his two young cousins, Benny and Clyde, he decides that the responsibility is much more than he wants to bother with.

When Kaa, following the suggestion of a fast-talking shrew, tells the other cubs of the existence of something called "treasure," they immediately head to the mysterious Middle Jungle to look for it, despite having no idea what treasure really is.

The jungle book episode 16 dailymotion

When a pack of rampaging wild dogs enter the jungle, the cubs are forced to work together as a team to run off the marauders. Kaa encounters a young mongoose in the jungle and brings him back to the cubs' Lair, unaware that snakes and mongooses are among the deadliest enemies in the jungle. Hathi decides the cubs must get in shape to prepare for the coming monsoon season - especially Baloo, who resists the others' every attempt to make him change his lazy ways.

A lost female elephant happens into the Lair, and the boys discover that even "a girl" has what it takes to survive in the jungle.

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Buzzards Arthur and Cecil, hoping to dine on a seemingly decrepit old water buffalo, try to trick Shere Khan into putting the buffalo out of his misery since the birds can't eat anything that's still alive. Anxious to prove himself equal to Shere Khan, Bagheera enters a number of "contests" with the tiger Bagheera finds a discarded pocket watch.

Although he doesn't know what it is, he's convinced this "man thing" must have magical powers, despite Shere Khan's warnings to the contrary. Jungle Cubs is available to watch and stream on Disney XD.

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The jungle book episode 16 dailymotion

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