St Jude Novena Audio Book

St jude novena audio book

This banner text can have markup. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Full text of " St. Jude novena prayer book " See other formats ST. Every Wednesday at 5 P. Jude, October The National Shrine of St. Jude Church is located at East 91st Street in Chicago. Eugene N. Grainer, C.

St. Jude novena prayer book

Eugene J. Cletus F. O'Donnell, J. Jude as the patron of desperate or hopeless cases are nearly as obscure as details of the life of the great Apostle. These origins seem to have been a spontaneous rising of interest among the faithful themselves, prompted possibly by the fact that according to Sacred Tradition, St.

Jude was a near relative, a "cousin" of Jesus, and that as a cfiild he was a playmate of the God-man.

St jude novena audio book

Confusion of the names of St. Jude and the traitor, Judas, effectively discouraged devo- tion to the saint for many centuries.

St jude novena audio book

Devotion to hirn, consequently, has been of relatively recent origin although there is evidence that this devotion was held in high esteem during the Middle Ages. Bridget of Sweden to turn to St.

Jude with great faith and confidence. Jude was a brother of St. James the Less, also one of the twelve apostles. These two together with two other brothers one St. Simeon of Jerusalem are described by St.

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Matthew as the 4 "brethren" of Jesus. In the Hebrew language, the word "brethren" indicates a near relation- ship. We are told that St.

Jude's father, Cleo- phas, was murdered because of his forthright and outspoken devotion to the risen Christ. Mary Cleophas, the mother of St.

Novena to St. Jude - Desperate Situations and Hopeless Cases

Jude and St. James the Less, was a cousin of the Virgin Mary. After her death, miracles were attrib- uted to her intercession. Jude is shown, traditionally, as carrying the image of Jesus in his hand. This repre- sents, according to tradition — our principal source of knowledge of the saint — the im- print of the Divine Countenance that was entrusted to him by Our Lord.

The circumstances were these: King Aba- garo of Edessa, who suffered from leprosy, sent word to Jesus asking Him to come and cure him. With his request, we are told, the King sent an artist to return with a picture of the Master. Jude to bring to the King of Edessa and cure him. The King was cured by St.

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Jude and to- gether with most of his subjects was con- verted to Christianity. After the death and resurrection of Jesus, St. Jude travelled throughout Mesopotamia 5 for a period of ten years preaching and con- verting many to Christianity. He probably returned to Jerusalem for the Council of the Apostles, and then he and St.

Simon visited Libya and Persia where many more converts were made. Jude died a martyr's death. Tradition tells us that he was clubbed, possibly into in- sensibility, and his head was then shattered with a broad ax.

Sometime after his death, St. Jude's body was brought to Rome and placed in a crypt in St. Peter's Basilica. Vatican Council II directed that all devo- tions to the Blessed Mother and the angels and saints should bring the faithful to a fuller appreciation of the Sacred Liturgy, and that the devotions should also harmonize with the liturgical seasons of the Church.

This new book of devotions to St. Jude has been written in accord with these wishes of Vatican Coun- cil II. Vatican Council II, in its Constitution on the Church, recalls the union that the Church on earth has with the apostles, martyrs, and all the saints in heaven. The Council, in the Constitutions on the Church and the Liturgy, warmly recommends that this union be fos- tered by prayer and devotion, because our companionship with the saints joins us to Christ, from whom issues the life and grace of God's People.

Novena to Saint Jude

The authentic devotion to 6 the saints will be measured, the Council goes on to say, by the intensity of the active love of the faithful, who seek the intercession of the saints.

A Novena A novena is a devotion performed for nine consecutive days or nine other consecutive periods. To make a novena with greater fruit one should go to Confession, hear Mass, and receive Holy Communion. One should also have great confidence in God and in the intercession of the Saint in whose honor the novena is made. Priest: Confident that the Father will answer all prayers offered in Christ's name, let us now join in prayer the apostle, St.

Jude, who enjoys in heaven the triumph of Christ's own death 7 and resurrection. United with St. Jude's pray- ers of praise and petition to God and with those of the entire Church Triumphant, let us make these devotions. Jude, has with You.

St jude novena audio book

Opening Prayer to St. Jude St. Jude, cousin and friend of Our Lord during His life on earth, t chosen by Christ to be His apostle and to learn directly from Him the message of our redemption, t join us in our prayers today, t We proudly acknowledge your apostolic role in forming the foundation of Christ's Church t and in taking to many distant places the message of Christ's love for all men. Jude, cousin of Jesus, listen to our prayer! Jude, apostle of Christ, listen to our prayer!

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Jude, who shared in the love of the Blessed Mother for Christ and His disciples, listen to our prayer! Jude, present at the Last Supper, and who received the Holy Eucharist from Christ, listen to our prayer!

Jude, who suffered in seeing the passion and death of Christ, listen to our prayer! Jude, who rejoiced at seeing Christ risen from the dead, listen to our prayer! Jude, who assisted at the glorious Ascen- sion of Christ into heaven, listen to our prayer!

St jude novena audio book

Jude, filled with the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost, listen to our prayer! Jude, who preached the Gospel of Christ, listen to our prayer! Jude, who converted many people to the Faith, listen to our prayer!

Jude, who worked many wonders through the power of the Holy Spirit, listen to our prayer!

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Jude, martyr for Christ, listen to our prayer! Jude, patron of the despairing, listen to our prayer! Jude, intercessor for difficult cases, listen to our prayer!

Jude, consoler of the distressed, listen to our prayer!

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That God will grant wisdom and prudence to our Holy Father, Pope , our Bishop, , to other bishops and priests, and the leaders of all nations, states, and communities, St. Jude intercede for us! That the light of the true faith will be brought to all people, St. Jude, intercede for us!

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That all men, regardless of race, creed, or personal differences may live in social har- mony, St. That all people will be given the mental and emotional strength to live in peace and love under the strain of modern living, St. That the ties of love and affection among family members will be strengthened, St. That the Church will be strengthened with an abundance of priestly and religious voca- tions, St.

That through our cooperation we will ful- fill the hopes of the Second Vatican Council, 11 under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, St.

St. Jude Novena Prayer VERY POWERFUL

That all people will retain their health and that the sick, especially , will re- gain their health, according to God's holy will, St. That God will grant us respect for author- ity and the aged, St. That God will grant eternal rest to our de- parted relatives and friends, , and to all departed souls, St.

St jude novena audio book

That God will grant us our special inten- tions, particularly , and for the intentions of all people devoted to you, St. That faith, hope, and charity may increase in our hearts, St. That the grace and strength to avoid sin and the occasions of sin will be granted to us, St.

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That before death we will be given the grace to be cleansed of all our sins by a sin- cere sorrow and worthy reception of the sac- raments, St. That God in His mercy will grant us a favorable judgment, St. That God will answer the prayers of the people requesting a remembrance in the devo- tions offered to you at the National Shrine, St.

St jude novena audio book