Sinolingua Book Stores Near Me

Sinolingua book stores near me

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Street signs in Taipei County are beginning to be changed to Hanyu Pinyin. For Pinyin supporters here, this is a long-awaited development.

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Here are some examples of new signs in Banqiao, the seat of the Taipei County Government. They were taken near the Fuzhong MRT station. This is one of the Tongyong signs about to be taken down. The first roads to receive these signs are large ones, especially those connecting one city to another.

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This is probably going to be a long, slow process, which is certainly to be expected given a how damn long it took them to get this started and b that most signs never got changed to Tongyong Pinyin during the previous administration.

My impression is that most street signs in Taipei County, especially in smaller towns and on smaller roads, remain in MPS2 the Tongyong Pinyin of the s. I wish I could provide links to official announcements, etc.

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Nice to see no InTerCaps. Unfortunately, the apostrophe situation is SNAFU, with those responsible for the signage using outdated guidelines calling for a hyphen instead of an apostrophe. In recognition of International Talk Like a Beijinger Pirate Day , here are the rules for how to spell those -r endings in Hanyu Pinyin and how those endings affect the pronunciation of syllables.

This edition is in Mandarin, in word-parsed Hanyu Pinyin with Chinese characters underneath and has a few notes in English as well as mp3 files of the text being read aloud.

Read Fortress Besieged. The novel is also available in a fine English translation. This bit of news is simply wonderful. Through the generousity of the publisher, Pinyin.

So I was pleased to see this sign earlier this week at the remodeled train station in Zhunan, Miaoli County. But what about the use of romanization inside the station? Fortunately, the Internet is now providing some leads. Thanks, Brendan and Joel!

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But I did find some other books to bring home. Other than the Zhou Youguang books, here are my favorite finds of the trip, as they are for the most part in correctly word-parsed Hanyu Pinyin with Hanzi underneath , along with a few notes in English:.

Sinolingua book stores near me

Really, this is gonna be good. Of course I already have that one — more than one copy, in fact. But at least the word parsing is right, which is more than can be said for many uses of Pinyin in China.

Sinolingua book stores near me

Note that the image is flipped:. More troubling, because it is on official signage, is the use of intercaps on some station guides above the doors of subway cars. At least I certainly hope no one did that on purpose.

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Reports of what style is to be found on other Beijing subway lines — especially the newest ones — would be welcome. And Randy spotted this one:. Some people might not think this is worth categorizing as a problem. My position, however, is that government has an obligation to write things properly on its official signage.

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If this were on some ad hoc sign put up privately it would still be interesting but less problematic. Has anyone noticed any changes yet in Xindian, etc.? The -i marked with an asterisk indicates either of the apical vowels that follow zh, ch, sh, r and z, c, s. Those big letters unmistakably spell out the name of the city in Hanyu Pinyin.

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One of the classics of modern Chinese literature. This is a terrific novel. Although this collection of Y.

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Now with the great smell of beer! Sorry, Brendan, I owe you one — more than one, actually. Note that the image is flipped: More troubling, because it is on official signage, is the use of intercaps on some station guides above the doors of subway cars.

Sinolingua book stores near me