Rae Armantrout Scumble The Book

Rae armantrout scumble the book

Rae Armantrout reads Scumble at AWP Conference for American Hybrid reading

Perhaps the excitement would come from the way the other person touched them lightly and carelessly with his tongue. Copyright by Rae Armantrout. Reprinted by permission. The morning after winning the Pulitzer Prize for poetry, Rae Armantrout dropped into her local Starbucks. In fact, the diminutive woman who speaks in bursts of wry, considered words, is thrilled. That latter development led her to consult a doctor.

F0N02 // Rae Armantrout – Conflation

Several blood tests and an MRI later, she was diagnosed with adrenal cortical cancer. This disease is rare — it affects less than one in , people — and lethal. Nearly four years later, the cancer shows no signs of recurring and Armantrout seems as strong as a Shakespearean sonnet.

Tuesday, she submitted to more interviews and taught at UCSD.

Famous Poems

Wednesday, she flew to Virginia for a reading at the University of Richmond. The limelight becomes her. Carol Salem, Dr. Sabina Wallach and Dr.

Rae armantrout scumble the book

Teresa Helsten. A literature professor and a poet, Armantrout is — by definition, right? But a fun egghead, whose ivory tower rocks to the music of the Rolling Stones and Lady Gaga. Her cluttered two-story, faded-yellow house is awash in books, including poetry by everyone from John Milton to Robert Creeley, works of popular science and contemporary novels.

In this Book

In kindergarten, she scribbled her first verse:. Writing was a sanctuary. Today, his daughter suspects he suffered from depression. But even as a student at San Diego State University, Armantrout never thought of herself as a writer in training. From this nonstop babble, how do we pluck out the words that reflect our own thoughts and identity?

Rae armantrout scumble the book

These were lean years. In , Hensley managed a bookstore in downtown San Diego, a good job with a steady paycheck. In contrast, Armantrout stayed home with her infant son, Aaron — but she used his nap time to jot line after line of verse.

This quiet, domestic scene was a portrait in tenaciousness. Yet life in the household was not a glum, penny-pinching slog.

Then, as now, they were voracious readers and dedicated game players. Armantrout is a wiz at Scrabble, always ready with obscure but correctly spelled words.

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She does not. She is economical and lapidary. Ditto, her writing.

Rae armantrout scumble the book

Her poems, often fragmented, require attentive reading. But these themes are part of a tapestry woven from countless threads.

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Rae armantrout scumble the book

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Rae armantrout scumble the book

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Scumble - Poem by Rae Armantrout

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Rae armantrout scumble the book

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Why the short lines? Poets Q&A with Rae Armantrout

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