Race De Singe Domestique Book

Race de singe domestique book

There is just something about watching people test their physical limits every day in such a beautiful yet challenging environment.

Race de singe domestique book

There is typically one cyclist who has the best chance of winning and the others are there to support that rider in their quest. Throughout the race, the domestique are performing a variety of functions. The amount of energy saved by drafting behind another cyclist is somewhere between 30 and 40 percent.

Race de singe domestique book

The domestique are also tasked with falling back to the team vehicle to pick up food and water for the rest of the team. They do this so the others remain strong and do not spend the energy needed to catch back up to the peloton.

As organizational leaders, we may find ourselves thinking we are the rider designated for the victory.

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I know I certainly have. Do we make things easier or harder for our people? Are we cutting through the wind of bureaucracy, red tape, and politics or are we staying behind the pack to let our teams take the brunt of it?

Race de singe domestique book

Are we the ones creating the red tape for our own comfort? Domestiques remove resistance , not create it.

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Does everyone on your team feel empowered to make decisions and express themselves without reservation? Are we creating team environments built on trust and respect? Do people feel comfortable being themselves?

Race de singe domestique book

Are we freely willing to leave our own ambitions aside and expend energy to ensure our teams remain strong and ready for the challenges ahead?

Are we spending time to provide meaningful encouragement and coaching every day?

Race de singe domestique book

Domestiques ensure strength. But there is reward in the silent knowing of the part you played in people enjoying coming to work again and succeeding in ways they never thought possible. Len Lagestee is an organizational change coach and blogger at www.

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As a coach, Len is interacting with large organizations to connect people, revolutionize leadership, deliver results, and humanize the workforce. Subscribe today and receive a free digital copy of the book, Becoming a Catalyst: Scrum Master Edition. In most cases, the domestique are there knowing they have no chance of winning.

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