Pathfinder Skull And Shackles Book

Pathfinder skull and shackles book

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Since everyone had seats on the pirate council, had a fleet, and all that stuff, I'm trying to figure out the best way to work the set of new PCs into the story. Rene Have you specifically introduced the entire Shackles Council to them? If not, it certainly seems one option would be to bring in the new party as an existing member of the Council and her crew.

Note that the entire Council doesn't have to be present for it to conduct its business - maybe the replacement party was away on an extended expedition. Alternately - since the resolution to the Path is overthrowing Bonefist, maybe that , instead of becoming Hurricane King, is the new party's goal. Maybe they've been hired by Bonefist's old enemies to take revenge, or maybe they're hired by another regional government and have to race Cheliax to seize Port Peril in its moment of weakness.

It also seems that one of the other prominent members of the Council - Tessa Fairwind or the Master of the Gales come to mind - could gather and back the new party as rivals, under their control, to Bonefist. The Master of the Gales could work some pretty awesome magic, and bring back at least one of the PC's from death.

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They'll be in his debt, and you might have to tweak some events, perhaps complicate things a bit. He is a powerfull druid, and is certainly capable of Reincarnate. Use a bit of GM-fiat to ensure the player reincarnate into something they'll enjoy playing.

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Or perhaps the Master has access to previously unknown spells read: you as GM just damn well say that he can bring them back, without bothering with what spells he use.

If you don't like Reincarnate, Tessa or the Master could have powerfull clerics amongst their allies, who could cast Resurrection. Supposedly they have managed to bring back a bit of the PC's body, perhaps at great expense and danger, which will of course have to be repaid. I spoke with the players.

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During the naval combat which they also got whupped at , Tessa sent some ships to help. Her ships got destroyed as well.

Pathfinder skull and shackles book

So, one of the players will actually be a captured Tessa, and the rest will be people she recruits. They are going to start out captured in Harrigan's jail.

Ooo, sounds good! Let us know how it plays out! Rene Duquesnoy Mar 20, , am Did this last night. I think it worked out pretty well. Basically, everyone had a new PC that was unrelated to other PCs. Over the course of 6 months going backwards , they each did something to piss off Harrigan.

He captured them and put them in a jail on his island, but not in the fort. I gave them minutes to explain their backstory, and how Harrigan captured them. Then, I came in and threw Tessa Fairwind into the brig, as she was just captured by Harrigan's crew in the navy combat where the PCs utterly failed miserably. Someone volunteered to be Tessa Fairwind, which was great because I wanted a tie into the pirate council, not just people who want to kill Harrigan.

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I see book 6 changing to have Tessa ousting the Hurricane King, with her new allies. The jail was in cave near area C, with an antimagic field so the casters couldn't do anything special.

They were all stripped of items, familiars, and holy symbols. I even ripped the tattoos off of the tattooed sorceress. Slowly, they escaped.

Skull and Shackles Book 3: Tempest Rising Cheliax Spy Investigation Flowchart

They had to fight with crappy scimitars, taken from the guards using statblock from pg First 2, then 3, then 4. They found the cells for the crew and rescued a bunch of randoms, including Kroop.

Pathfinder skull and shackles book

Then they broke into the armory to get all of their gear, minus their best weapon. As they escaped the prison area, they fought Adelita Doloruso who quickly teleported away as they were getting beat down , Kipper, Patch Patchsalt, Riaris Krine, and the 7 Wormwood officers.

I put them in a separate area because I wanted them to start with nothing, and have to fight their way out. Would be hard to do with all the baddies from the Fort.

Skull and Shackles

The next step is go through the cavern in area C to go to the fort. They are all together and ready to do some slaughterin'.

Pathfinder skull and shackles book

Search this Thread:. Any suggestions? Rene Duquesnoy wrote:. Thanks for the suggestions.

Pathfinder skull and shackles book

Did this last night. Search Thread Search this Thread:. Rene Duquesnoy.

Pathfinder skull and shackles book

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