Online Math Book For 8th Grade Pre-algebra Practice

Online math book for 8th grade pre-algebra practice

Attribution CC BY. The textbook is very comprehensive, and covers all traditional topics in a prealgebra course. It also includes a few extra topics, like polynomials, and graphs of equations, to give students an introduction to basic algebra concepts. There is a There is a list of learner outcomes at the beginning of each section. There is also a cumulative review, tables, geometric formulas, and index at the end.

8th Grade Algebra

Pretty accurate, I did not find any errors. One can find a list of past errata changes on the book page on openstax. Content is pretty relevant and up-to-date. It will not be difficult to update the text or implement the updates.

Online math book for 8th grade pre-algebra practice

I was impressed with the clarity of the text. Easy-to-follow examples, lots of diagrams and clear instructions and descriptions.

Great book for the pre-algebra level student. The book is very consistent, the order is logical and very well thought through. Each topic builds upon previously developed material.

The modularity is based on the number systems: whole numbers, integers, fractions, etc. There are some algebra topics included. Some topics may be interchanged or omitted.

Chapters are subdivided into sections, and it is easy to skip some of the sections if needed.

8th Grade Pre-Algebra

The order of topics is logical and helps students understand each concept thoroughly, gradually progressing from whole numbers to integers, and then to fractions, decimals, and so on. The interface is great, no distortion of images or graphs, the text is very clear and easy to navigate. It is great to have an option of both, pdf and online text versions. No confusion or distractions for the reader.

The text introduces prealgebra concepts while addressing the needs of students with diverse backgrounds and learning styles. It would be great to include more examples with relevant cultural content. Overall, this is an excellent textbook, and I would highly recommend it for a pre-algebra course. Thank you for making this available to students at no cost. I plan to adapt this book in the near future. The book is certainly comprehensive. The table of contents is fine, there is no index or glossary.

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Accuracy is good. Relevance and longevity is good. I liked that the authors did not put in a lot of stories or events for a particular era. It seems many authors try and put in "cute" little stories or problems and these get out of date quickly. The book is very clear.

I liked that authors did not put a large amount of text in the book. The diagrams for the geometry problems and steps are very clear. I did have some difficulty knowing which problems would give just an answer and which ones would show the a solution and steps.

Online math book for 8th grade pre-algebra practice

Modularity is fine. A student or teacher should be able to jump from section to section and in different orders if needed.

Online math book for 8th grade pre-algebra practice

Organization is fine. I especially like how topics are broken down from more simple problems to harder problems in a sequential way in different sections. Interface usage is fine. I did see on one check the?

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I thought the cultural relevance is fine. The authors did not go into a lot of details with examples or stories. In other words they are simple and do not have that much of a cultural bias in any direction. I would like to see the problems numbered at the bottom of each section.

Online math book for 8th grade pre-algebra practice

As an instructor is it nice to assign problems by numbers. The book had no numbers to identify problems.

Online math book for 8th grade pre-algebra practice

I really liked the high quality graphics. The authors give good explanations of multiple, mathematically sound ways to approach problems. A better placement of A better placement of those would be at the beginning of each unit, instead of the end.

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It is obvious in the way the lessons are written that the authors understand the common misconceptions students have about various topics. Adding more vocabulary to the list would be helpful, as well.

Pre-Algebra - Basic Introduction!

I would like to see many more offered for the students. Ideally, an online text would have video explanations throughout the units. For example, sample problems could be worked out in a video, or answers to examples could be explained. An instructor will need to find, or make, additional practice problems for students. More would be better. Small images that could be enlarged by the student would be helpful.

Again, it would be nice to have more. The definition of an isosceles triangle is not correct. The text is up-to-date, and I believe it will be relevant for many years. The application problems tend to be about things that do not go out of style. In the future, when the application problems need to be updated, it appears that updating the book will be an easy process.


The average eighth grade student would have no trouble reading the text and following the lessons. The math terminology is appropriate and not watered down within the easy-to-read text. The book's look and layout is consistent from beginning to end, which makes it easy to navigate for students.

The lessons in the text could be rearranged, or parts could be omitted, and the book would still be a useful resource in a Pre-Algebra course. Parts of the text could easily be assigned within an Algebra course as an introduction to various units, or as a tool for remediation. I have not yet requested an editable version of the text, so I do not know if it is easy or possible to add your own lessons and problems within the text, and between units.

Pre-Algebra Syllabus

The topics are presented in a logical order. The textbook begins with the most basic concepts, such as place-value, fractions, decimals, and subsets of real numbers.

The student is then introduced to percents, equation solving, and geometry applications. Then comes a unit on polynomials, which is more than sufficient for a Pre-Algebra student.

Online math book for 8th grade pre-algebra practice

And all of this is followed by a solid introduction to graphing linear equations. All of the links that I used for the online videos worked. The links that I clicked on within the text worked as intended.

The aesthetics of the online book are adequate.


The errors are relatively minor, and might not be an issue for most students and instructors. There are many missing and misplaced commas, quotation marks that need to be fixed, and errors in spacing throughout the book.

There are periods on phrases, and there are some awkwardly worded sample questions. There are a few missing words, as well. With that said, the book is pretty well written, and only needs minor edits throughout.

I would definitely use the book as-is, but a polished version would be nice.

GO Math Textbooks

The applications themselves are everyday tasks, not tasks unique to specific cultures. Unfortunately, the problems that involve females include them buying a dress, a pair of shoes, a purse, and painting a nursery. I am sure there are better, and more interesting, ways to group people.

I believe this textbook is a quality resource for learning and teaching mathematics. In my review, I am making recommendations for making the text a little better, but as is, the text is a solid tool for learning and teaching mathematics.

Algebra Summer Fun

I appreciate those who made it available free of charge to students. The book covers topics. The contents of the book fits into a prealgebra curriculum. The book is consistent. Each chapter has an introduction and then a more in depth coverage of the material with some exercises within the text.

The chapters end with a glossary of terms students should know, along with review exercises. The book has Pages and covers most topics typically taught in a transition to algebra class.