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Report Abuse. Address underlying concern. Source FA, Renal and Kaplanqbank.

Source FA, Behavioral. Cytokines stimulation greatly increses the expression of endothelial selectins. Source, UWqbank Additional info, just so you know, Integrins, are a type of tight adhesion.

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Increase Transaminases peripheral smear: Granulocyte contains berry-like cluster of intracellular organism. AKA Elongation of protein synthesis. R stands for Rickettsia.


Described as Ball-valve obstruction of LA. Presentation: Multiple syncopal episodes. Produce IL-6 reason that other presentation correspond to constitutional symptoms: Fatigue, weightloss, fever.

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Source: FA Neuro. The medial femoral circumflex artery may occasionally arise directly from the femoral artery.

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Injury to this vessel can cause avascular necrosis of femoral head. This increase in the production of gastrin result in the stimulation and trophic proliferation of parietal cell which in turn increases the secretion of Gastric acid leading to the formation of recurrent ulcers, mc duodenal. Presents: Abdominal pain, acid reflux, and sometimes diarrhea a response of the acidified duodenum, increases secretin causing secretory diarrhea.

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Step 3. Hello everyone, some people use the offlines NBME as a tool for their training while studying, since Maryam discussion of this NBME is not longer available, i will begin to post the answers and explanations of each question, following the one posted on scribd. Q3: Answer: E Ethical situation: Patients continues smoking believing cigarettes are good to him: Ask Patient how he feels about quitting..

Source, Micro Rickettsial disease and Kaplanqbank. Q:8 Answer: B Femoral Neck Fracture: The Neck of femur is supply by the medial femoral circumflex artery arises from the medial and posterior aspect of the deep femoral artery also known as profunda femoris artery, branch of femoral artery , and winds around the medial side of the femur, passing first between the pectineus and iliopsoas muscles, and then between the obturator externus and the adductor brevis muscles.

Source: wikipedia.

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