Mouse On Mac Book Air Not Working

Mouse on mac book air not working

Did your MacBook Trackpad stop working?

Mouse on mac book air not working

Your Mackbook trackpad not working? Try the solutions below:. It is a must to keep the Mac updated.

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While the latest update is meant to offer good performance, it also comes packed with the fixes for many bugs. So, it is always recommended to frequently check for the update. You can also get the latest Trackpad firmware update.

Macbook Air Keyboard And Trackpad Not Working

To do so, launch the App Store and tap on the update at the top. If you have updated the device and Trackpad firmware and still it is in the same situation, then resetting the SMC might help you to fix MacBook Trackpad not working issue. However, the process to reset SMC will vary depending on which MacBook you have either a MacBook with removable battery or else the non-removable one.

Mouse on mac book air not working

Both the processes are explained here. This is how:. If you have performed all the stated methods but still left with the same trackpad issue, delete the property list files. This property list actually stores all the information of the application and bundles that are installed on your MacBook.

2. Check for updates

However, before following this step, ensure to back up the Mac first. Here is how to delete the property list files of the mouse and track pad.

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See also: How to send and receive text messages on a Mac. Another discovery after a week and it all starts again.

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Called mac and explained the below, an agent put me to another who said Go to System Preferences, Look for any Profiles added. I found a grey star with a tick saying profile.

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Open it and delete it, there should be no profiles. I turned off the mac. You can find out how on youtube.

How to Fix Trackpad on Macbook Pro

Sury this is a trogen virus. This article is a lifesaver! Turns out the option to ignore the track-pad was checked in the Accessibility pane.

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Have no idea how that got selected, but thanks to your article showing me where to look, I now have working access to the track-pad again. Thank you. It worked as per the tip above. It was due to the mouse was connected and the trackpad was set to ignore.

4 Way to Fix Macbook Keyboard Not Working {Touchpad, Mouse}

Thank you! Been miserable for months without a solution until came across this article.

Mouse on mac book air not working

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MacBook keyboard and trackpad not working? Try these troubleshooting tips

What Is That? MacBook 13 inch vs. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Gary Bridger December 3, Gary Bridger November 30, This worked. Gary Bridger November 29, Jay McGillicuddy July 26, This fix helped me, thank you very much. Macbook with non-removable battery: Jay. Bernard June 27, Ganee April 27,