Mastery Book 20 Maplestory Red Scorpions

Mastery book 20 maplestory red scorpions

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Mastery book 20 maplestory red scorpions

Mastery Books? How they work?

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I have a demon slayer that is almost , and I have never gotten any of my chars to so I was wondering how mastery books work. I am not funded at all and I heard they are worth alot So if I don't have the book I can't level up the skill? Posted: February Permalink.

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How do I get mastery books? EMS

Ok so at 4th job, the skills only can be maxed out at To do so, you go and buy a mastery book of that certain skill that you want to go past ten. Take Barricade Mastery for example.

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You go find a Barricade Mastery If you're lucky, the book will make the max level of Barricade Mastery If you want to get past 20 too, you get the Barricade Mastery I'm curious about this too. Do you have to get a mastery book 20 before 30? Or can you just get mastery book 30?

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You have to get Mastery Book 20 first. For example you need 5 SP into that skill to use MB And to use MB30 you need like 15 SP in that skill.


With out a mastery book you can only lvl up a skill to lvl 10 With a Mastery book 20 you can lvl up that skill to 20 and the same goes for madtery book 30 You usually have to have the skill at least lvl 5 to us the 20 book and 15 for the 30 book. AceWilliams thanks for repeating, what the first poster said. Gms v 1.

Mastery book 20 maplestory red scorpions

After you used the 20 book, you can use the 30 books but need atleast 15 points already into the skill. Become a member Signup or login to join the conversation.

Mastery book 20 maplestory red scorpions

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