Life Story Book Examples Dementia Treatment

Life story book examples dementia treatment

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We have reviews on the best-selling non-fiction story books relating to dementia. Then please have a look at the selection of real-life books about dementia you can buy. You can them for Kindle or any digital format including audio-reader. You can also buy these books in hardback or soft back editions. We have provided the best prices with all available discounts when you order the dementia books online. You can read reviews and recommendations on the many books based on real-life stories on living with dementia.

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All of which you can buy from Amazon. But it can also be inspirational and give you a deep understanding and insight into how other people are living with dementia. We have chosen just a few of the best-selling non-fiction books that are real life stories of people living with and caring for somebody with dementia.

It tells what is like to live with a father who was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia. This memoir tells the story of the diagnosis, acceptance and journey through the terrible illness that is Lewy Body dementia.

How he eventually came to the realization that no illness, no matter how debilitating, can ever touch what resides deep within all of us. And especially how it can never touch the everlasting bond of father and son.

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This is very touching real-life books about dementia. Written by Martin Slevin, The little Girl in the Radiator is a real life account of a what it was like for Martin when caring for his mum.

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Despite its strange title, this book gives an honest and frank account on living with dementia. It covers five years of a son looking after his mother in home life, care homes and hospitals.

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The little girl in the radiator has reviews and scores a marvellous 4. But it was just the first sign of the illness that gradually took him away from the family he loved. The title is a reference to his last words to his son. The book is framed as a chat between Tony and his dad, Ron, who fades away through the last few pages of the book.


This is a touching and moving account of a terrible disease that can affect someone close to you. Take Care Son has over 45 reviews and scores a worthy 4.

Life story book examples dementia treatment

It is more often than not, a lighthearted insight to some of the funny situations they have been found in. We had been a normal family living our lives and coping the only way we knew how, until mum was admitted to hospital with constipation, something which should have been routine ended up turning all our worlds upside down and our lives would never be the same again.

Life story book examples dementia treatment

This is our journey, come with us, laugh, cry, become angry, feel frustrated, feel love and believe in wishes. Remembering Dementia, For the Love of Nellie has received 50 reviews with a very respectable score of 4.

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We have included this book on dementia because it is said to be based on real-life events. Still Alice is a book written by author Lisa Genova.

Life story book examples dementia treatment

When she begins to grow forgetful and disoriented, she dismisses it for as long as she can. Still Alice has received over 1, reviews with a score of 4.

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With the book receiving over 3, reviews. This book was nominated for many awards in and was the winner of the Costa First Book Award in The story twists and turns and has a real-life feel to it. There is a twist at the end of the book that will remain with you long after you have finished reading the book.

Elizabeth Is Missing has over 3, reviews with an excellent score of 4.

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Remembering Dementia: For the Love of Nellie. Elizabeth is Missing.

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