Korra Book 2 Trailer Tumblr Love

Korra book 2 trailer tumblr love

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Korra book 2 trailer tumblr love

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As we all know, the Internet industry is pretty much a craphole these days, and the only way website owners can break even is by charging subscriptions. I want to keep the main site and content free of charge, so your registrations and donations help keep both the forums and main server alive, as well as keeping me out of prison for murdering advertising executives.

Some of you may have a problem with the notion of this website charging people for an account.

Korra book 2 trailer tumblr love

You may say that other forums are free and don't cost anything to register, so there's absolutely no reason for you to pay money for an account here. That is fine by me; if you don't want to pay, I will not ask you to pay. It is a decision completely up to you.

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The SA forums, however, are a thriving community full of what I feel to be the funniest crowd on the Internet, moderated by some of the best mods to ever squirt out of somebody's womb. We're troll-free and provide the best viewer-created content out of any website.

Korra book 2 trailer tumblr love

If you feel you would like to join us, I freely invite you to do so. If you would not like to join or take offense to paying money for a forum account, I freely invite you to not do so.

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Korra book 2 trailer tumblr love