Jungle Book Songs Trust In Me Quotes

Jungle book songs trust in me quotes

They'll make a man out of him! Baloo: [as he and Mowgli float down a river] Lemme tell you some'm, Li'l Britches: if you act like that bee acts, uh-uh. You're working too hard.

Jungle book songs trust in me quotes

And don't spend your time just looking around Baloo: [yanks a pouty Baggie's tail as he smirks] Come on, Baggy! Get with the beat! Bagheera: Many strange legends are told of these jungles of India, but none so strange as the story of a small boy named Mowgli.

It all began when the silence of the jungle was broken by an unfamiliar sound. It was a man-cub! Had I known how deeply I was to be involved, I would've obeyed my first impulse and walked away. Kaa: [after Mowgli learns he has been deceived by the snake] If I never see that skinny little shrimp again, it will be too soon.

Mowgli: [angrily hitting Shere Khan's face with a stick] Take that, you big bully! Had I known how deeply I was to be involved, I would have obeyed my first impulse and walked away. It was many days' travel to the nearest man-village, and without a mother's care he would soon perish. Then it occurred to me.

Trust in Me (The Python's Song)

A family of wolves I knew had been blessed with a litter of cubs. He goes back into the bushes and waits, but nothing happens, so he carefully sneaks back over and pushes the basket with his paw. He rushes away again as the baby cries out in surprise. The wolves come out and look at Baby Mowgli, and Raksha smiles down at him] I knew there'd be no problem with the mother, thanks to maternal instinct, but I wasn't so sure about Rama, the father.

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Bagheera: 10 times, the rains had come and gone. And I often stopped by to see how Mowgli the Man-cub, was getting along. He was a favorite with all the young wolf cubs of the pack. Mowgli: [imitates howling, Raksha and the 4 young wolf pups came out of the cave, Grey Brother and Leah playfully tackle and lick Mowgli].

Jungle book songs trust in me quotes

Bagheera: No Man-cub was ever happier. And yet I knew that someday he would have to go back to his own kind. Then, one night, the wolf pack elders met at Council Rock. Because Shere Khan, the tiger, had returned to their part of the jungle.

Jungle book songs trust in me quotes

This meeting was to change the Man-cub's entire future. Akela: Shere Khan will surely kill the boy, and all who try to protect him. Now, are we all in agreement as to what must be done?

Come over here, please.

Trust in Me

Akela: The council has reached its decision. The Man-cub can no longer stay with the pack. He must leave at once. Rama: But Surely, he's entitled to the protection of the pack? Bagheera: I know of a Man Village where he'll be safe. Mowgli and I have taken many walks into this jungle together. I'm pretty sure that he'll go with me.

Jungle Book: Trust in Me

Mowgli: Bagheera Shouldn't we start back home? Bagheera: Mowgli, this time, we're not going back. I'm taking you to a Man Village. Bagheera: Because Shere Khan has returned to this part of the jungle, and he has sworn to kill you.

Bagheera: He hates men. And Shere Khan is not going to allow you to grow up to become a manjust another hunter with a gun. Bagheera: Now, that's enough!

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We'll spend the night here; things will look better in the morning. He then approaches Mowgli. Kaa: S-ss-say now! Bagheera: [sleeping] That's what I should do, but I'm not. Now, now, now please go to sleep, Man-cub! Kaa: Yes-ss-s, Man-cub. Please go to sleep. Bagheera still unaware at what's happening.

Jungle book songs trust in me quotes

Bagheera: [sleeping] Oh, now, look, there's no use arguing anymore. Now, no more talk till morning. Bagheera: [glances at Mowgli and Kaa] Huh? Oh, yes, he will-- [suddenly realizes what is happening and fully wakes up] Kaa?!

This makes Mowgli fully conscious and released from Kaa's coils. Kaa: Ooooh, my s-ss-sinus-ss-s!

Jungle book songs trust in me quotes

A very, stupid Kaa: --mis-ss-stake! Look me in the eye when I'm s-ss-speaking to you! Kaa: BOTH eyes, if you pleas-ss-se! Mowgli: Look, Bagheera!

Trust in Me

Wake up, Bagheera! Kaa: [crawling away, angrily] Jus-ss-st you wait till I get you in my coils! Kaa: [mimics Mowgli, sarcastically] Hee-hee-hee-he's got a knot on his tail.

Bagheera: [smirks] So, you could look out for yourself, can you? Bagheera: [annoyed] D'oh! Now, for the last time Bagheera: [Turns around as he hears Baloo yelling his name a mile away] Well, it's happened.

Took a little longer than I thought, but it's happened. Bagheera reaches the cliff].

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Baloo then realizes that Bagheera is in front of him]. Baloo: They ambushed me! Thousands of 'em! I jabbed with my left, then I swung with the right, and then I--! Bagheera: The Ancient Ruins. Oh, I hate to think about what will happen when he meets the King of theirs. King Louie: [picks up Mowgli by his loincloth] Cool it, boy, and unwind yourself.

The Jungle Book Quotes

King Louie: Word has grabbed my royal ears Have a banana. King Louie: Good, and ol' King Louie Have two bananas.

Mowgli: [mouth full of bananas] Yes, sir. I'll do King Louie: Well, then, I'll lay it on the line for you. As he tries to get out of the water, he accidentally hits his head on a log.

Bagheera: [angrily] Oh, that does it!

I've had it, Man-cub! For now on, you're on your own Baloo: I'll tear him limb from limb! I'll beat him! Well, man, what a beat.

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Bagheera: Will you quit that silly beat business and listen?! This will take brains, not brawn.