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I thought I would do something a little different since I am an art history major.

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One of my art period that I have an interest in is modern art, and I have recently gone to see a Lichtenstein exhibit. His work was heavily influenced by both popular advertising and the comic book style. His most famous work would be his collection of comic strips, which are close but not exact copies of panels from other comic books.

Instead of using the primary colors of red, yellow and blue; he uses the primary colors of a printer which are yellow, magenta and cyan. He uses think lines, bolder colors than the original, and ben-day dots just like a printer would create on paper.

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When his work was first released, it was harshly criticized by both art critics and the mass media question his originality. However, my work is entirely transformed in that my purpose and perception are entirely different. This challenge Lichtenstein about the originality of his comic panel collection, but Lichtenstein has copyright infringement on all the work he borrows ideas from.

The panels were changed in scale, color, treatment, and in their implications.

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There is no exact copy. A condition that the students must follow is that the scale should not be exact for legal issues.

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Some criticize Lichtenstein of encouraging a patronizing viewing comic as an art. Maybe Lichtenstein was encouraging comics as a decent literature or maybe he was testing the minds of other to the issue of copyright or maybe he just wanted to paint.

Rather than looking at his comic paintings as art, look at it as a parody or a social experiment. His comic strips often parodied in a tongue-in-cheek humorous manner.

His art stirred up the minds of the non-art world to question his art.

Lichtenstein never took his work seriously and in a way encourages others to criticize to see if they are being influence by the media or making judgments for themselves.

His art continues to question the issue of originality today.

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Although I feel that the original artists should get more credit, I cannot say much against all the standard and legal action that Lichtenstein has on his side. I will say that his art is pleasing to view, the bold colors and the silly speech bubble gives it that Zeitgeist feel.

However, it is also easier to approach other artists and ask permission to do creative reinterpretations, so long as the originals are credited. So maybe they would be produced, and without as much controversy.

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What do we get when comics and modern art mix? Roy Lichtenstein!

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