Hackers 1995 Summary Of The Book

Hackers 1995 summary of the book

About the book

Rate this book. This taut, true thriller dives into a dark world that touches us all, as seen through the brilliant, breakneck career of an extraordinary hacker — a woman known only as Alien.

When she arrived at MIT in the s, Alien was quickly drawn to the school's tradition of high-risk physical trespassing: the original "hacking.

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Alien's adventures were only just beginning. After a stint at the storied, secretive Los Alamos National Laboratory, Alien was recruited by a top cybersecurity firm where she deployed her cache of virtual weapons - and the trespassing and social engineering talents she had developed while "hacking" at MIT.

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The company tested its clients' security by every means possible - not just coding, but donning disguises and sneaking past guards and secretaries into the C-suite. Alien now runs a boutique hacking outfit that caters to some of the world's biggest and most vulnerable institutions - banks, retailers, government agencies.

Hackers 1995 summary of the book

Her work combines devilish charm, old-school deception, and next generation spycraft. Click to the right or left of the sample to turn the page. If no book jacket appears in a few seconds, then we don't have an excerpt of this book or your browser is unable to display it.

Lesson 2: Hackers are much more similar to painters, rather than mathematicians.

A page-turning real-life thriller, this is the sort of book that may leave readers feeling both invigorated and vulnerable.

It will reach audiences of enthusiastic hackers and general readers. The world of hacking and cybersecurity still carries a mystique; only the privileged few are permitted to learn the secrets that lie within the close-knit hacker community.

Hackers 1995 summary of the book

This book opens the gates and invites readers inside. Alien's mindset and exploits epitomize the spirit of hacking - a dogged perseverance directed at outsmarting and outwitting barriers of any kind An unabashedly human and humane portrait of a brilliant hacker.

The book covers the vast spectrum of why and how hackers do what they do. A great thriller! Thompson famously said 'Only life can kill you' and the hackers who pushed their minds and bodies to the limit at MIT tested this theory in every conceivable way This story of all that she has overcome and accomplished holds a mirror to the challenges and triumphs that are part of the journeys of so many women in tech and so many hackers in America.

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With wit and masterful storytelling, Jeremy Smith takes the reader inside information security. Alien encounters sex and drugs, bureaucracy and exploitative bosses, and the stresses of running a business and family - and she never stops hacking.

Hackers 1995 summary of the book

This book tells the human side of that story. Jeremy Smith illuminates the pivotal role played by white hat hackers in protecting our most important assets. The technical references are relevant, accurate, and most importantly, accessible, including for non-technical readers.

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Hackers 1995 summary of the book

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