Goodnight Moon Board Book Walmart Effect

Goodnight moon board book walmart effect

Who doesn't love Goodnight Moon?!!! I read this sooooo many times to my grandchildren that I learned the whole book by heart!!

Have given as baby shower gifts. I read this book to my twins from the time they were able to sit up and listen until they were reading it to me! It is a perfect interactive bedtime book.

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They loved searching and finding each item on each page. It was not a quick read, but was very calming and always the last thing we read each night. I am saving my copy for my grandchildren, but at this price I will be able to buy copies for several new parents at my workplace. I am disturbed, though, by the fact that apparently there is a video now.

That just seems so wrong to me. The point of the book is quality time at bedtime!

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Kids raised on the video will be missing out, and that saddens me. The book, however, is a true classic! My daughter is two years old and loves to read and be read to. Her interest in this book however was not what I expected.

I don't know what the problem is. I think they mention it once. Anyway, just another dust colector on the shelf, I guess As a young child I hated to go to bed, for fear I would miss something.

This bedtime story will help young children fall asleep easily as its pictures and texts combined take them into restfulness and finally deep sleep. The opening scene shows bold, bright colors of dark value. The bunny is wide awake sitting up in his bed looking at the telephone on the bedside.

Goodnight Moon (Board Book)

The text mentions the telephone, along with a red balloon. The reader may wonder why the telephone is mentioned. Maybe the bunny thinks it might ring. He seems to be sitting up waiting for something. On the next page the colors are achromatic. Throughout the book the pages alternate between color and achromatic. I think this may be a strategy for making you sleepy. If every page were bright, the colors could act as a stimulant.

Eventually another Bunny appears, this one an "old lady. The colors of the room directly touched by the lamplight are just a hint lighter, giving the room a cozy feel. The "old lady" has knitting in her lap, possibly sitting with the bunny until he goes to sleep. If you notice a strand of yarn leading from her lap to the floor, this straight line turns into curvy, tangled lines that show you the kittens are not sleepy yet.

They are having too much fun playing with the ball of yarn. Towards the end, the kittens are shown sitting alert and still, and if you notice the direction they are facing: They are both looking at the "old lady. The text mentions her saying "hush" again. You can imagine that she is speaking in quiet tones as you study the setting and the room is beginning to grow darker.

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I noticed that the bunny changes positions in the bed from page to page. This leads me to believe that he was trying to fight sleep and stay awake, like many children do at bedtime. Then finally in the end the bunny is asleep, the room is totally dark. I think the artist washed over the picture with a light covering of watered down black paint.

The effect allows the reader to see into the room, imagining your eyes have adjusted to the dark, and with your night vision see the basic outlines. Still the room is not pitch dark, because there are two windows letting in moonlight and showing shining stars. The "old lady" has left the room, which tells us the bunny is finally asleep, and the kittens have resigned to sleep themselves, as they curl up in the chair once occupied by the "old lady" bunny.

Goodnight Moon is an old classic, and at first glance, you might wonder why.

Goodnight moon board book walmart effect

The pictures aren't bright and cheerful like more modern picture books, and the story is just a listing of a room, and the little bunny saying good night to all his possessions.

Read it out loud, though, and you'll see - the story is a lullaby, a bedtime story, and the simple sentences are soothing and lulling.

The pictures are comforting, a small room, lit by firelight, darkened by night. This book is a simple scene of domestic peace and sleepiness, and a perfect story to read to Aubrey right before bedtime. I love this book, but if you think about it, it's actually kind of alarming. When you think about it, there is something disturbing about the pictures.

Has anyone else noticed the following odd things in the child bunny's bedroom:a. It would just wake him up.

Goodnight moon board book walmart effect

Who gives a child a room this large? With a fireplace? With burning logs? And two clocks? There's another clue: the "quiet old lady And she is putting up the child bunny in a bedroom meant for adults because those adults are not there.

Goodnight moon board book walmart effect

The parents are not there. And the child is terrified of everything. The room has been turned into a child's bedroom.

Goodnight Moon

There are now paintings of the cow jumping over the moon and the three little bears. There's a red balloon and a doll's house with, curiously, the lights on inside. I don't think the parents are coming back.

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Of course, none of this will occur to the four year old you're reading it to, so go for it. I love that the book is so easy to read and that the colours are so vibrant which will be great when my child is actually born and can read along with me. This book is about saying good night to the things around the big green room.

I don't care for it because the bunny says goodnight to the moon that watches over him while he sleeps. Instead of saying goodnight to God. I don't think that I would use this book in school or at home. This is a must read for all kids! It was that one book that I read over and over and over again. We've had so many copies of this book, and both my parents were thoroughly sick of it by the time I made it to kindergarten!

We get this book for every baby shower gift!

Goodnight Moon Board Book

Possible one of the best known children's books of all time, Good Night Moon is a rhyming story about a little bunny saying good night to the things in his room. This book is an old favorite for me. I remember reading this with my mother when I was little and I would point out where the mouse was hiding on every page. It has been adapted and spoofed many times but the original Goodnight Moon is a bedtime story staple.

Try replicating 'Goodnight Moon' with some of the objects in your room.

Customer Reviews

I highly recommend Margaret Wise's book titled "Goodnight Moon". It was one of the first books I read to my kids when they were little. When they were babies, it was a good introduction to words and colors as we pointed to the objects like "The red balloon. I remember before they could even read, they would turn the pages and were able to recite each page by memory.

It's funny that a picture book that seems to have no story line, filled with illustrations all done in primary colors is so engaging to children.

Goodnight moon board book walmart effect

It amazes me that this simple book of rhymes and simple pictures is an all-time favorite for many emerging readers. The tone that this book sets quiets young spirits with its simplicity, and makes for a perfect book to read at bedtime.

I give this book a five! This is a classic children's bedtime story with rhyming and simple illustrations. This book is geared towards early childhood.

Goodnight moon board book walmart effect

The narrator says goodnight to everything in the room, even the stars and the air. This is a great book for bedtime or if a young reader is learning how to read, it is one they could probably read on their own. A teacher could use this to teach about rhyme to young students because the rhyming in the story is simple and straightforward.

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Goodnight moon board book walmart effect