English Class 11 Snapshot Summary Of The Book

English class 11 snapshot summary of the book

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Archibald Joseph Cronin was a Scottish novelist, dramatist, and non-fiction writer. He was born on July, in Dunbartonshire, Scotland, in In he entered Glasgow University to study medicine, but his studies were interrupted by World War I, in which he served in the British Navy as a surgeon sub lieutenant.

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He received his M. He afterwards took positions at several hospitals, and in he married Agnes Mary and moved to south Wales to start a medical practice. He received his MD degree in from the University of Glasgow, and he moved to London to start a practice there.

In he was diagnosed with an ulcer, and ordered to take six months complete rest on a milk diet. Cronin was one of the most renowned storytellers of the twentieth century.

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He also created the Dr. Finlay character, the hero of a series of stories that served as the basis for the long-running BBC television and radio series entitled Dr. Cronin died on 6 January in Montreux, Switzerland. This chapter is an extract from A.

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This extract describes how a young doctor revives a child that is born lifeless. They have been married for 20 years, but have not get any child so far. Both her husband and her mother are feeling very nervous because the delivery of the child is going to be before time.

The doctor has to put in hard labour in the delivery of the child.

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When the child is born, it seems to be still-born. This shock could be too much for the Morgans to bear. While the doctor is attending to the mother, the nurse places the baby under the bed among dirty newspapers. After assuring himself that the mother is safe, the doctor looks for the baby.

Finding it under the bed, he at once pulls it out. It was a boy, perfectly formed. The body was warm but was not breathing.

He thanks god and hands the child to the nurse.

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Andrew Manson — Newly qualified, takes a job as assistant to Dr. Page in a small mining town. On arrival, he finds to his surprise that Page is partly paralyzed and will never work again. This means Dr. The Midwife — an experienced nurse to help in the birth of the child. The midwife and Andrew are contrasting personalities.

English class 11 snapshot summary of the book

The midwife is a foil to Andrew. She feels hopeless, resigned, helpless, fearful and untrained. On the other hand, Andrew proves to be more optimistic, diligent, efficient, self-sufficient, spontaneous and well-trained. Joe Morgan — a well-built person in forties, lives in a small Welsh town of Blaenelly, works as a driller at the mines, he has been married for 20 years, but have not got any child so far.

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Christine — a school teacher, Andrew falls in love and contemplates marrying her. Andrew returns home after a disappointing visit with his lady love, Christine Barlow.

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Exhausted, he finds Joe Morgan, anxious and somewhat scared, waiting for him. This is their first child in a marriage of nearly twenty years. Andrew reaches the house of Morgan and waits in the kitchen.

The labour leads to a stillborn baby. He instinctively decides to save the mother first, handing the baby over to the midwife. The midwife, who has had no medical training, sees the body in her arms as a lifeless lump and places it under the bed among sodden newspapers. Andrew draws the baby out from under the bed and quickly diagnoses the most probable cause for the still birth i. Asphyxia, pallida.

English class 11 snapshot summary of the book

He recalls a method he had once observed through which a child had been successfully resuscitated. On the verge of giving up, a miracle happens. The child breathes. Andrew redoubles his efforts till the baby breathes freely. Andrew Manson was a young doctor.

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He had newly passed out of a medical school and joined as an assistant to Dr. Edward Page.

English class 11 snapshot summary of the book

Their clinic was in the small Welsh town of Blaenelly. It was a mining town. Joe Morgan was a resident of this town. He was a well-built person and worked as a driller at the mines. He lived with his wife. Now Mrs. Morgan was expecting her first child. After spending a disappointing evening with his ladylove, Christine, Andrew came back home. He found Morgan waiting for him restlessly. He told the doctor that he had been waiting for him for an hour.

He said that his wife needed his presence because the child was expected to be born before time.

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Andrew was feeling very dull and tired. He had no idea that this night call would prove unusual and influence his whole future in Blaenelly. When they reached the door of Number 12, Morgan stopped outside the door.

Inside, a narrow stair led up to a small bedroom. It was clean but poorly furnished.

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It was lit only by an oil lamp. She was a tall, grey-haired woman of nearly seventy. An elderly midwife was also there. Since there was a period of waiting, Andrew waited in the kitchen.

English class 11 snapshot summary of the book

Soon he was lost in his thoughts about Christine. An hour later he went upstairs again. He noted the progress made and came down once more. He sat down by the kitchen fire. Andrew looked at the clock. It now showed half-past three.

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He rose and went up to the bedroom. He saw that he could now begin his work. An hour passed. It was a long, hard struggle. Then, as the first rays of dawn appeared, the child was born, lifeless. As Andrew looked at the lifeless form, a shiver of horror went through his body.

Instinctively, he gave the child to the nurse and turned his attention to Susan Morgan who now lay collapsed, almost pulseless.

English Snapshot Class 11 | Docs, Videos, Tests, CBSE, NCERT Curriculum

Now he could safely leave her. Instantly he was on his feet. Then he began the special method of respiration.

English class 11 snapshot summary of the book

The basins arrived. Andrew put cold water into one basin; into the other he mixed water as hot as his hand could bear. Then, like a crazy juggler, he hurried the child between the two basins. Now he plunged it into the icy water, now into the hot one. Fifteen minutes passed. His breath was coming pantingly. But no breath came from the body of the child. A terrible sense of defeat came on him. Having laboured in vain for half an hour, he still made one last effort.

He rubbed the child with a rough towel. He pressed and released the little chest with both his hands.