Emotional Intelligence Quick Book Free Download

Emotional intelligence quick book free download

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Emotional Intelligence plays a huge intangible role in helping us understand and manage emotions. We have covered the topic from several different angles already, but if you are keen to read more on EI, look no further than this blog. The manifold applications of Emotional Intelligence range from organizational situations to home life, parenting, romantic relationships, and more. Maybe you are looking for actionable tips for personal EI development, or perhaps you want to understand better how the concept has grown.

Want to come to grips with how EI can improve your sales performance? Whatever it is, here are some of the best books on Emotional Intelligence from top academic authors and practitioners alike. With no further ado, these sections contain what we and readers believe are some of the best books on Emotional Intelligence. We have tried to cover some of each in this article, although the list is by no means comprehensive.

If you have ever wondered who the founder of Emotional Intelligence is, you will probably already have come across the work of Daniel Goleman.

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The EI skillset, he argues, encompasses self-motivation, social abilities, empathy, and impulse control, among others. It is written predominantly from an organizational perspective, offering business implications for employees and leaders alike.

Emotional intelligence quick book free download

That said, it also gives the reader an overview of how Emotional Intelligence can help everyone deal better with difficulties, impulses, and negative emotions. First published in , Primal Leadership: Unleashing the Power of Emotional Intelligence is more focused on leadership development. Goleman and authors Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee each draw on their own consulting experience to identify and introduce the six styles mentioned previously — each of which may be differently suited to use in different situations.

They are:. Readers keen to learn more about the theory behind EI may be pleased to know that Primal Leadership does cite and discuss academic research at times.

Emotional intelligence quick book free download

Nonetheless, it is not overly academic and tends by most to be considered a relatively easy read. Boyatzis also introduces the reader to his own Theory of Self Directed Learning Boyatzis, with the aim of equipping leaders to grow and develop professionally. Those of us with some leadership experience may enjoy learning ways to apply our EI understanding and further develop key skills we already have.

As well as this, Primal Leadership gives some practical advice for how Emotionally Intelligent Organizations can be built. You can purchase this Emotional Intelligence book as an Audiobook as well on Amazon. Indeed, it is once again heavily focused on the professional realm and offers a lot for managers, leaders, and the collective organization — in many ways it is an extension of the first.

If you are interested in organizational culture, too, this book has a lot of potential implications: EI often plays a pivotal role in change implementation. Spread out over five chapters, Working with Emotional Intelligence contains anecdotes and Emotional Intelligence case scenarios featuring bosses, CEOs, and managers. You can purchase Working with Emotional Intelligence on Amazon. If you have heard of Emotional Intelligence, chances are you have heard of Emotional Intelligence 2.

Lots of readers also consider the popular Emotional Intelligence 2. Using data from over k individuals, Emotional Intelligence 2. And also, a nice look at what Emotional Intelligence is not. Emotional Intelligence 2.

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It covers over three dozen strategies for building EQ in the four areas of self-management, social awareness, relationship management, and self-awareness. The newer editions also include online access to a brief self-assessment on the same. Granted, this is not the only test out there for EI, but it is one of the most popular. Find more EQ tests here.

Best Books on Emotional Intelligence

You are also invited to fill out your own Emotional Intelligence action plan for the future. It is worth noting that even the least avid readers will find the opening interesting. Both professional and personal benefits of Emotional Intelligence are covered well in this relatively short 1 hour 44 minute audiobook by David Clark.

Easy to listen to and full of useful emotional intelligence exercises , Clark explains the key topics very clearly and in an informative way. He does choose his words well, which means that it is not too difficult to understand the fundamental ideas straight away. Emotional Intelligence: A Day Step by Step Guide is an excellent primer for those new to the topic, and makes the links between EI and success in a social relationship very simple to grasp.

It is also a pleasant way to break down the concepts learned and take them day by day as the title suggests , which can be great for those of us who hope to reflect on what we have learned. Likewise, the day-by-day concept means it is not hard to use this book as a complementary resource alongside a daily EI journal. Skills such as perceiving emotions, emotional self-awareness, and managing our emotions are all discussed—not only concerning their importance but also the ways that we can develop them.

The audiobook version is available from Audible , and those who prefer to read rather than listen can also access the book from the HBR Website. At the same time, it contains less of the more ponderous academic discussion than Emotional Intelligence 2. This does not mean that The Emotional Intelligence Quick Book skips over the facts, though — it merely delivers great EI content in a straightforward way that makes this audiobook easy listening.

Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry - PDF free download eBook

It is a useful guide for personal and organizational relationships alike, and also provides the reader with access to a free online Emotional Intelligence test just like Emotional Intelligence 2. Clinical psychologist Dr. This popular book covers techniques that therapists can use with clients for EQ development, as well as a few that everyone can use to manage their interpersonal relationships better.

If you are hoping to improve your own EI, Stein outlines how we can identify the signs of someone with low Emotional Intelligence.

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According to the author, a few signs of low EI include:. Emotional Intelligence for Dummies is available as a paperback at Wiley and in ebook and audiobook format at Amazon. Emotional intelligence for sales success: Connect with customers and get results is written by Colleen Stanley, a professional sales trainer and founder of SalesLeadership. As salespeople, Stanley discusses, EI plays an essential part in helping us better understand, meet, and connect with decision-makers.

Emotional intelligence quick book free download

Doubtless, strong sales relationships and success go hand in hand. However, the many examples that Stanley uses in this book provide deeper insight into and beyond this. This is then supplemented with practical activities aimed at leaders who are managing sales teams. Stanley also takes a look at how an Emotionally Intelligent sales culture is something that can be built for sales success, of course! She uses more case studies and research data clearly and effectively to illustrate this in greater depth.

She covers common sales problems that often lead to difficulties in emotion management and numerous challenges in prospecting for a multi-dimensional view of EI in sales. If you happen to be after the convenience of multiple articles in one volume, Leadership: The Power of Emotional Intelligence offers this advantage.

It is available from Amazon. Leaders who use Emotional Intelligence to establish and build relationships with their coworkers are better able to manage others, creating an optimal environment for teams. In this respect, it is a helpful resource for therapists, coaches, and leaders alike.

If you are interested in purchasing this practical guide, you will find Becoming a Resonant Leader in multiple formats on Amazon.

Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman PDF Book Download

Those interested in reading the work of a pioneering Emotional Intelligence researcher may enjoy The Emotionally Intelligent Manager.

It provides numerous actionable approaches for developing EI, starting with an appreciation of how these abilities present themselves in everyday organizational life. If you do not find academic texts the most riveting way to learn more about EI, At the Heart of Leadership by Joshua Freedman may be a much more relaxed read. While it does draw heavily on factual and research-based evidence, it does so in an easy way.

Starting first with an outline of why EI is important. Written for corporate and business readers, Freedman then provides clear-cut examples of how it is possible for us to harness Emotional Intelligence for enhanced performance.

Emotional intelligence quick book free download

These all lay the groundwork for his introduction of the Six Seconds EQ Model for better handling emotions. This book spans more than thirty chapters and presents an extremely profound literary illustration of not only how humans use emotions, but the psychological underpinnings of how we do so.

Emotional intelligence quick book free download

Kahneman relies on a lot of his own research in Thinking, Fast and Slow , giving readers rich insight into his studies. It does cross over into the mathematical as well, at times. As one example, the author links concepts such as numerical reasoning and risk with our human propensity to process novel situations more rapidly than any other species.

While Thinking, Fast and Slow is a relatively long book and a pretty serious read, Kahneman has received ample well-deserved praise for this profound piece of work. You can access and buy his book on Amazon.

Details of Emotional Intelligence 2.0

For those of us who enjoy the convenience of ebooks, a lot of the publications above are also downloadable in digital formats. We have also put together a list of other popular Emotional Intelligence ebooks that make good on-the-go reads, including options for Kindle and other devices. Author Gill Hasson is a career coach with a whole list of titles to her name.

Emotional intelligence - 10 Ways to build Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman

The Emotional Intelligence Pocketbook is one of several she has written on EQ, and it is a very practical, bite-sized ebook, too. If you are not looking for a hefty read, this is precisely what the name suggests — a concise collection of practical exercises and examples to illustrate the concepts.

Even the paperback will fit comfortably in your bag, pocket, or similar, so you can take it anywhere with you and practice on the move. Throughout, and again at the end of the book, Hasson includes inspiring Emotional Intelligence quotes to keep you motivated. David Walton is a behavioral change specialist, something that quickly becomes apparent in his general overview of Emotional Intelligence.

Introducing Emotional Intelligence is aimed at organizational managers interested in improving their professional interpersonal skills. It covers exercises on feelings and self-control and understanding and influencing others. It contains exercises that are designed to help team members deal with emotional barriers for enhanced effectiveness. Those interested in finding out more about the linkages between Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Effectiveness can choose among different exercises tailored to different degrees of experience.

It also contains useful exercises to address a lack of trust within teams for better collaboration. Find this book on Amazon to download a Kindle copy. Written by self-help professional Gary Vurnum and jobEQ. Throughout the book, both Merledeve and Vurnum draw on their own consulting and coaching experiences. They share over a hundred tips for how employees can empathize with each other, collaborate better, and motivate one another to make the most of their strengths. Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child is the work of Dr.

John Gottman. His book draws on his experience working with over families to outline a method for coaching children to develop Emotional Intelligence. It encourages the parent or reader to reflect on their current approaches and tackles real challenges to emotional intelligence coaching.