Conklin Hanunoo Color Categories Summary Of The Book

Conklin hanunoo color categories summary of the book

The first, higher, more general level consists of an all-inclusive, coordinate, four-way classification which lies at the core of the color system.

Conklin hanunoo color categories summary of the book

The four categories are mutually exclusive in contrastive contexts, but may overlap slightly in absolute i. While boundaries separating these categories cannot be set in absolute terms, the focal points differing slightly in size, themselves within the four sections, can be limited more or less to black, white, orange-red, and leaf-green respectively.

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In general terms, mabiru includes the range usually covered in English by black, violet, indigo, blue, dark green, dark gray, and deep shades of other colors and mixtures; malagti , white and very light tints of other colors and mixtures; marara , maroon, red, orange, yellow, and mixtures in which these qualities are seen to predominate; malatuy , light green, and mixtures of green, yellow, and light brown.

All color terms can be reduced to one of these four but none of the four is reducible.

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This does not mean that other color terms are synonyms, but that they designate color categories of greater specification within four recognized color realms. U know well that the level of this blog is always high. However, at least to me, sometimes it reaches a truly remarkable level.

Conklin hanunoo color categories summary of the book

This is the case here. The only comment I want to make is the obvious one: the 4 basic colors astonishlingly parallel the 4 main aristtelian qulities, namely Humidity wetness , dryness, warmness light , coldness dark. It is as if the hanoo system stripped away the superficial features of the visible spectrum, leaving only the essential..

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Conklin hanunoo color categories summary of the book