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Christian book store logan utah

This is a free resource of historical photographs that depict the history of Logan City and Cache Valley.

Christian book store logan utah

If you use these photographs, please credit the Logan Library. Send us an email if you would like to comment on the collection. Submit your photo to be included in the collection.

Christian book store logan utah

Keyword search:. Logan Library. This is the old north side of the mill, and the middle, original part of the mill built in They claim to have the oldest continuous business in Utah.

Logan History - Historic Photo Collection

The house built by C. Goodwin was built in Goodwin of the Liberal ticket ran against John T. Caine of the People's party in Charles H. Bailey was of Wellsville, Utah.

Christian book store logan utah

This photo is included in a collection of early LDS mission photographs taken in England. They were found amongst other materials which were donated to the Logan Library as part of the Everton Collection. If you know something about the person pictured, please let us know.

The Rex Sandberg Family lived here from to Donated by David R.

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Charles Isaac Goodwin and his family were early settlers of Logan in It was in this congregation that he met and married St. Goodwin owned and operated jointly with his brothers a store and ranch until when the property was divided among the three of them.

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Goodwin subsequently became a probate court judge. Goodwin was one of only two women on the first faculty of the college. She served as librarian from and In , Mrs.

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Goodwin became the first woman to be appointed to an office after statehood as a member of the Board of Trustees at Utah Agricultural College. Charles I and Sarah Brown Goodwin built this house in and resided here for sixteen years. The house was in sold to Congressman Joseph Howell and used as a summer house because the heating system was inadequate for the Logan winters.

A later owner excavated the base of the home for a modern heating system.

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This house was built about by Charles I. Goodwin, local businessman and landowner. He was one of the five Goodwin brothers who jointly owned a ranch and store in Logan.

Christian book store logan utah

Robinson Collection. The image includes several unknown men, including one dressed in white and presumably the storekeeper, and a woman who are standing in front of the door. A snow-capped fire hydrant is visible a few feet away.

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This house was built in by Charles Nibley Jr. Charles O.

Christian book store logan utah

He was elected as one of the first five Logan City Councilmen in In he was elected to the first Logan School District Trustees. He was forced into hiding during the U.

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The town of Cardston, and the Cardston Temple were named after him. The house was built in It is a simple frame style that was typical of much early Twentieth Century building in this valley. This house was on the corner of Center Street and West and was moved to this location at the request of Charles Nibley who wanted to build his house on that corner. The house was built in by Charles Card. At the time the house was built, Mr.

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Card was a stake president. The mural on the wall was painted by Irene T. It was carefully removed and restored in