Book Void Deck Wedding Tampines Town

Book void deck wedding tampines town

Weddings truly bring out the organisational skills in a couple, challenging them to complete a million things for the big day while working a full-time job.

Why is choosing the right location important?

However, there could be a tendency for couples to follow solely by their heart when it comes to planning for this major milestone in their lives. Unforeseen challenges are something that can put couples on the edge of their seats during the wedding. To prepare for such, one key decision to make is to choose the right location.

You may be wondering how does that help? For example, by selecting a venue within proximity of a supermarket, the wedding caterer could run to the store to pick up last minute ingredients. Perhaps another example could be choosing a place with a convenient loading bay area to ensure that caterers and decorators have easy access to the venue. Despite these being minute details, it could certainly aid the wedding in the best of ways.

Photographs are moments captured forever, and couples do place photography at a high level of importance to ensure memories made will not be forgotten. However, quality wedding photography packages can come with a hefty price tag.

Book void deck wedding tampines town

To maximise the package as well as to secure some Instagram and Facebook-worthy shots , investing reasonably in a picturesque location will help imprint lasting memories in the most aesthetically pleasing way. Furthermore, by considering the location in terms of light exposure, photographers will be able to have more room to in create beautiful photographs.

Serving Halal-certified food is undoubtedly a no-brainer in Malay weddings, as majority of the people in this ethnic group practices Islam. However, depending on the location of choice, some places might have strict policies against external caterers as they want to protect the interests of their business. Thankfully, there are so many other location candidates in Singapore that are flexible with this, and there are several Halal-certified restaurants who will be more than happy to host your big day.

Taking the previous factors into consideration, it is also important for couples to choose a location that they resonate with and not settle for a venue solely out of convenience. Is the place a dream wedding location that fits your budget? Does this place hold a special meaning to you as a couple? By choosing the right venue that tugs at your heartstrings, not only will guests be able to enjoy the warm ambience, but the couple will also be able to immerse themselves completely in the moment.

After all, this special day is all about the couple. With that said, it is crucial for couples to lockdown their wedding location, and not just any location. The right location. Looking for more on how to pick a venue? You can find our list of tips and tricks to find the best wedding location in Singapore right here!

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Not sure where to start looking for a venue? Here is our ultimate wedding venue guide with six different genres of locations to pick from:. With rising affluence in Singapore, it is no wonder that couples are drifting away from weddings at the convenience of void decks and are willing to pay more for an air-conditioned, exclusive and dreamy wedding.

As wedding packages at hotels can be a little expensive, the next best thing would have to be community clubs!

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Community clubs provides a cool environment for all and basic facilities such as clean restrooms. Some venues have an outdoor basketball court where couples can book to turn their wedding into a semi-alfresco dining setting too.

Unlike other places, community clubs allows you to use open fires to heat up your food before serving to guests. The only requirement you would have to fulfil is to pay space rent if any and set up a tent at your own cost. After all, saving costs is something any couple would want to do while planning for their big day.

The air-conditioned hall can fit up to guests in a round-table seating, with enough space for the buffet lines on the side.

Book void deck wedding tampines town

Couples who wish to set up their decorations the day before can do so at an additional fee. Address: Woodlands Avenue 1, Timing: Full day 9. At this community club, its hall can accommodate up to a maximum of 40 tables 10 person in a round-table seating but it is advisable to have only tables so that it will be spacious enough for guests and the couple to walk around.

The management cited previous incidents when couples do not get their money back is because the decorators staple pieces onto their stage, which can be costly to repair. It also has the shortest advance booking period of 5 months before the wedding but the management cited that it is best that once the date of the wedding is settled, give them a call to secure your booking ASAP as the hall is a popular venue for weddings and community events.

Best of all, the hall is really spacious as it can fit up to guests in a round-table seating comfortably. No more squeezing!

West siders, you are not forgotten! Do note that the club does not tolerated overnight cooking and if this rule is breached, security deposit will be forfeited. Do note that no live cooking is allowed and the management advices couples to engage a caterer instead. Kampong Glam Community Club can accommodate up to guests in a round-table seating, but preferably fewer guests would be better to ensure everyone is comfortable. Unlike other community clubs, Kampong Glam Community Club charges venue rental by the hour, and the same rate is applied for pre-wedding set-up.

Queenstown Community Club is sandwiched between Commonwealth and Queenstown MRT Station, and it is also surrounded by several bus stops within proximity. Catering is also highly advisable and a guestlist of people in a round-table seating will be comfortable. Fuchun Community Club is probably one of the cosiest community clubs in Singapore. This venue can accommodate a small guestlist of up to people in a round-table seating.

Malay Wedding Venue: 100 Locations To Choose From

Its best for couples to book the venue at least 6 months in advance as this is yet another popular venue for Malay weddings. One of the best news is that there is no rental fee for the cooking and cleaning space behind the hall, but couples would have to set up their own tents at additional cost.

Yuhua Community Club is situated a street down from Chinese Garden — a great place to have your wedding photoshoot with your bridesmaids and groomsmen!

Book void deck wedding tampines town

Couples can also expect to pay a security deposit as well as a compulsory cleaning fee. Do note that tents for washing and cooking will have to be outsourced, and pre-event day decoration set up will be at an additional cost. Cafes and restaurants in Singapore are more commonly known places for weddings of couples from other ethnic backgrounds.

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As compared to hosting weddings at the convenience of void decks or community centres, weddings at cafes and restaurants are priced a lot higher to compensate for business lost from casual diners to host the wedding, and they are perceived to be inflexible.

In light of these differences, cafes and restaurants are able to provide an ambience that void decks and community centres cannot replicate. Furthermore, by having your wedding in a food establishment, it would have already settled an important aspect of the celebration and the place will always be spic and span. However, like hotels, most restaurants that have wedding services are not Halal-certified, which is a huge concern when it comes to hosting Malay weddings. Nevertheless, I believe that there will be more establishments that will be able to meet these dietary needs in the future.

In this restaurant, couples would not have to worry about decorations as there are two theme selections to choose from — a Twilight Romance or the Garden of Love.

Do note that there is a minimum guestlist of people required to attend the reception before securing the location for the joyous event. Usually when it comes to restaurants, couples may worry that it would be cramped but 21 on Rajah assures that there is enough space for kompang and the pelamin.

A rooftop view of Bugis by the pool just screams class!

Book void deck wedding tampines town

At The Landmark, guests can dine semi-alfresco style as the dining tables spill out from the air-conditioned interiors on to the courtyard right beside the pool. This Halal-certified establishment provides four different packages to choose from depending on the length of your guestlist; the more people you invite, the cheaper it is per person.

However, do note that the package settles mostly for catering and basic logistics such as PA system, reception table, cake table and VIP table with service. Couples would have to engage external vendors for decorations and additional audio system support. Want to dine in a fancy ambience? AquaMarine should be one of the choices on your list!

Booking Rates For Common Areas

Several Malay weddings have been known to be held in this seafood heaven. If you have guests who are allergic to seafood, the Halal-certified restaurant also provides an array of other cuisines for all to enjoy. Besides serving a variety of quality dishes, AquaMarine has also been commended time and time again for its excellent service — something that is highly valued for any wedding.

Staffs pay incredible attention to detail and go the extra mile to ensure that the celebration goes smoothly.

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This Indonesian restaurant offers four different wedding packages for couples to choose from — Basic, Silver, Gold and Platinum. However, with this one, the package concept is a little different; the Basic package is the cheapest per guest but with a high minimum guestlist.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Platinum package focuses on bringing more options to fewer guests.


Do take note that the package states the venue rental and catering separately, and only basic decoration is provided. Other services such as live grilling stations will be charged at additional costs.

Book void deck wedding tampines town

In their latest Muslim wedding package proposal, it shows that almost everything will be taken care of — Halal-certified food? Audio systems?

Top 10 community clubs in Singapore

Other perks that are way too long to be listed? Couples would practically have to worry about outfits to wear and only need to remember to bring themselves, their family and guests, and their Mak Andam on the day itself! With Royal Palm, all aspects of a Malay wedding will be planned out for you: outfits, hair and make-up, decoration, and catering.

Dining in The Halia is wonderful on its own, imagine having your wedding there!

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Despite the small capacity and a slightly hefty price tag, the staff and planners with The Halia has extremely high attention to detail, leaving almost no room for mistakes. Furthermore, the food catered at The Halia steers away from any conventional wedding cuisine and instead, whips up a Western line of dishes to celebrate a happy marriage. After all, this place is one of the few that is dedicated solely for this purpose. The venue offers three different packages, namely the Economy, Silver, and Platinum packages suited for different couples in Singapore.

Although no minimum guestlist has been stated, it would be good to clarify the terms and conditions of each package before proceeding with the deals. Desa Kartika is one of the few restaurant locations in the city district that hosts wedding events.

As seen in the picture, the dais seems a little small. Not to worry, contact Desa Kertika for more exclusive packages and customisations. Couples can also make their way down to the office to have a free wedding consultation with their wedding planners.

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Hjh Maimunah is one of the popular eateries within the Malay community. However, not many know that this restaurant in Joo Chiat also hosts wedding events. However, due to the short 3-hours exclusivity, this place would be better suited for couples with short guestlists so that everyone can partake in the celebration without being left outside waiting for seats. The package comes with the necessities a Malay wedding needs, but couples are advised to engage their own photographers and decorators for a more wholesome wedding.