Book Proposal Author Bio Example

Book proposal author bio example

By Steve Laube. On April 23, I suspect that the last time you considered buying a non-fiction book you took a look at who the author was. It is a normal and natural thing.

Why your author bio matters

The same goes for your book proposal. And what right do you have to write about this topic? It is not a place to recite your resume or Curriculum Vitae. Think of it as a little longer version of what would go on the back cover of your book or at the end of an article you have written.

Fiction vs. Non-Fiction: Two Very Different Author Bios

While it may seem to be an obvious exercise to some, it is important when approaching an agent or an editor who does not know you.

A good photo can follow you everywhere…web site, media packet, advertising, the back of the book, and more.

Book proposal author bio example

Try to use one that is reasonably recent. Write it as if someone were describing you.

Book proposal author bio example

If it were in first person it would sound strange. Recite your accomplishments…as they relate to your credibility as the author of this book.

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This is not the time for humility. I know there needs to be a balance. Sounding arrogant can be a huge turn off. I recently received a proposal where the writer all but claimed that everyone else in the world was wrong about his topic. It set my teeth on edge. It is tantamount to lying to the person with whom you want to partner in a business relationship. One time a writer claimed to have won the Nobel Prize in their area of expertise.

I was impressed. So I looked it up. Yes, we will google you. I could not find the name listed anywhere. I dug deeper and discovered that the writer had been part of a large research team which had won the award. The problem was how the claim was stated in the bio; it sounded like the writer was a solo award winner. If they had just stated they were part of a Nobel Prize winning team it would have been fine. Another writer, out of ignorance, claimed to have been nominated for a major writing award.

I happened to know how this award was administered. The publisher entered the book and paid the entry fee. That is all. It was one of hundreds of books entered. But the author claimed in their proposal that their book had been nominated. It is nice to know if you have family and the general part of the world you live in. It is also okay to add in a little humor if it is appropriate to your personality and how you wish to be introduced.

Book proposal author bio example

They co-exist in Iowa Falls. Make it easy for the agent or editor to click through to your web site, blog, Facebook, Twitter, or any other place where you are active.

Many of the same principles apply if you write fiction. The difference is that you are not necessarily trying to establish credentials.

How To Write An About The Author (With Examples)

However, it is possible that your background can add luster or a little juice to the type of novels you are writing. The main character of her novel is…wait for it…a forensic artist. However your warmth as a person can come through in a well written bio.

Book proposal author bio example

Categories: Book Proposals. Tags: Author Bio , book proposal. Thanks for the helpful tips! Pretty hard to plagiarize a bio!

Writing Your Author Bio? Here Are 10 Great Examples.

This will be great to refer back to in the future, so thank you! At what level does a publishing credential become something worth mentioning? Magazine publication? Winning a contest? Being named a finalist in a contest? Or would those smaller achievements be better left unstated?

How To Write an Author Bio That Will Help You Sell More Books

Remember to think of the proposal as a job application. What will make that potential employer sit up and take notice when yours crosses the desk?

I always get great information from you and your agency. I also followed the link of your BIOS and you study them.

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The use of the photo is a suggestion, not a requirement. You may have reasons to keep yours very private and that is respected and understood. However, if the use of your photo on a web site or on Facebook is okay with you, then include it in your proposal. Good to know.

How to Write a Book Proposal : How to Write a Author Bio for a Book

I purchased a proposal guide to help me craft a proposal but still there were some basic questions that went unanswered which you have answered here.

Thanks for giving more clarity.

Why Your About The Author Is So Important

Sure nice to have more direction. Journey on. I published professionally as Carol I. Ashby, and I considered using my middle and maiden name for my fiction pen name.

I decided to stick with plain Carol Ashby when I learned about the need for an online presence to build a relationship with my readers. How should a person deal with the bio part of a proposal if they are using a pen name to publish in different genres or not blow their cover in a witness-protection program?

A lot of authors use pen names for a variety of reasons. They simple keep each identity separate online. We had one client who managed four different pen names.

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Each one wrote a different genre of fiction. She independently published three of them, we represented the fourth to the traditional market. If you use a pen name in the proposal and you are NOT in a witness-protection program then reveal that. Unless you have a good reason to keep your real identity secret. I even know a male writer who writes some novels under a female pen name.

There is never an author photo and the web site is intentionally obscure. Thanks for always having great, reference-able content. I just dumped a bucket of water on my head to put out the fire on my ears.

Writing Your Book Proposal Bio

Steve, thanks for the suggestions. I once went to a conference where there was a stunning photo on the first Power Point slide that pictured the keynote speaker.

I figured it was because I had suggested that a Ph. They knew her, though not in the biblical way, and actually worked for her. The picture?

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The speaker hobbled up onto the platform, turned around, and smiled at the audience. I gasped. A great example to use a photo that is reasonably recent.

I suspect your opinion of the credibility of that speaker was affected by that experience. Hope that heavenly change will come with a facelift — okay, but if fishes were wishes… pfft. As commented above…if your photo is used on Facebook or on a web site, include it in the proposal. People do want to meet you when you are an author. Steve, such perfect timing!

Thank you. Maybe your next book will have something to do with your dear goldfish.

How to Write a Killer Author Bio

What was his name? Bob, You were referring to your passion for the goldfish crackers… I thought it made you look odd. Not physically odd, mind you. Which begs the question, why then are you are working for The Steve Laube Agency?