Book In A Box Directions For Stove

Book in a box directions for stove

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Book in a box directions for stove

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Book in a box directions for stove

Search Advanced…. Can you burn books? JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Status Not open for further replies. DeanBrown3D New Member. Oct 16, Princeton, NJ. I was wondering if its worth putting them in the furnace or not. Its not like its all screwed up paper that could ignite too fast. Any thoughts? Dec 9, I dont have a clue. Jay H New Member.

Book in a box directions for stove

Nov 20, NJ. Can you burn bras? I would think books would shoot off a lot of embers and become a big pile of ash Plus, when you burn computer books, all you have left is a bunch of 1s and 0s Marty Feeling the Heat.

Jul 11, Pittsburgh. I worry about the bindings a little though. It has a rampage agains reason sort of feel that I think I might enjoy. Edit: P.

How To Use Wood Stoves (And Use Them Safe!)

Corie Minister of Fire. Nov 18, 2, Halifax, VA. It doesn't work well. It my experience, it just ends up a smoldering pile or half burned stuff. Jay H said:.

I would think a donation to an educational facility or an ebay auction would be a far better use. Lots of glue in the bindings. Nov 20, Central Maine www. My father-in-law said he once threw a thick catalog into a woodstove, and it became such an inferno that he invisioned the stove melting.

It takes a lot to scare this man, and both he and the mother-in-law were ready to abandon home in favor of their own lives.

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He has cautioned us from making the same mistake. Maybe it's time for BeGreen to pick up some used, pro oil and gas tomes and produce another video. KarynAnne Member. Oct 30, Eastern Shore of Virginia www. In another house with a fireplace I tried to burn a lot of junk mail you know, credit card come ons and junk like that instead of shredding.

Granted, it wasn't a wood stove, but the fire was good - until I put all that paper on it.

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Smoke, floating crap bits of charred paper, but mostly an unburned wad of mess. I'm pretty sure that the concentrate of paper just didn't allow for enough air to burn it right. Hmmm - a stove might be different though if it was all the way up to temperature. If you try it - please post results.

My shredder gets tired sometimes.

Book in a box directions for stove

BrotherBart Modestorator Staff member. Nov 18, 33, Northern Virginia www.

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Did it once in the old insert. You end up poking it every fifteen minutes to loosen up a few more pages to get them to burn.

Air can't get between them and they just smolder.

Book in a box directions for stove

And cleaning tons of fly ash out of the flue. I agree with BB.

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Same thing happened to me. It is no good. Don't do it. Gooserider Mod Emeritus. Nov 20, 6, Northeastern MA near Lowell. Remember, they will only burn if you get them over Fahrenheit I don't think they actually burn all that well in any case. I know that I have this gizmo that let me make "logs" out of rolled up newspapers and junk mail - I find the logs last a long time, but don't make much heat and tend to leave these "cores" of unburned material and lots of ash.

It also took me longer to roll one "log" than it did to make several times as much in splits Anyone want the rolling gizmo? I don't think I'm doing much more with it, and may put it up on freecycle. Jan 29, Tear the covers off and recycle them. A wise man once told me, "Your stove isn't a burn barrel.

In these parts, I've heard of everything from tires to Thanksgiving turkey carcasses being thrown in outdoor furnaces.

Book in a box directions for stove

DavidV New Member. Nov 20, Richmond VA. Perhaps we should revisit my experiments on BTU value of rodents.

Can you burn books?

Aug 16, Salt Lake City, Utah. Sarcasm in the last post fully intended. Sorry p-heads, I wasn't being quite. Top Bottom. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

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